All US Presidents Are Cousins | The US Presidents Are Related To A King In England!

At just 12, BridgeAnne embarked on a quest that would rewrite history books. From a simple family project to a groundbreaking discovery.

After two years of meticulous research, BridgeAnne found that nearly all U.S. Presidents share a common ancestor: King John of England.

King John, known from the Magna Carta and Robin Hood tales, is the pivotal link in this surprising lineage.

BridgeAnne, with her grandfather's help, traced over 500,000 names to reveal a presidential lineage intertwined with royal blood.

All but one President share this lineage. Discover which President has a unique heritage.

Even contemporary Presidents like Obama and Trump are part of this royal lineage. How are they connected?

Could the royal ancestry influence presidential elections? Explore the 'most royal candidate theory.

BridgeAnne's discovery challenges us to see the interconnectedness of history and leadership through a new lens.