A ‘Sea Lion’ Saved This Man From Drowning | Kept Him Afloat Until Rescuers Came!

As Kevin descended, an unexpected guardian appeared. A sea lion, becoming his unlikely savior, nudged him to the surface, keeping him afloat until rescue arrived.

Kevin's journey was fraught with challenges from the start. Adopted and diagnosed with epilepsy, he later stopped speaking and battled symptoms of bipolar disorder.

In September 2000, Kevin's struggles peaked, leading him to the Golden Gate Bridge. The 240-foot fall at 75 mph broke his body but not his spirit, thanks to a sea lion's timely aid.

Surviving was just the beginning. Kevin embarked on a long journey of recovery and advocacy, sharing his story to spread hope and prevent suicide.

Honored and recognized, Kevin tirelessly advocates for mental health, supported by a regimen of medication, therapy, and the love of his wife, Margaret.

From speaking at congressional hearings to writing a bestselling memoir, Kevin's life serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the human spirit's resilience.

Kevin Hines' story is a poignant reminder of survival, the critical importance of mental health awareness, and the mysterious ways nature can intervene in our darkest moments.