5 Shocking Errors Experts Found in Kate Middleton’s Edited Family Portrait

1. Princess Charlotte’s sleeve, Experts citing the most glaring error as the basis to label it as fake, The left sleeve and cuff of Princess Charlotte’s cardigan had been partially removed.

2. Princess Kate’s zipper, Image experts at CNN noted that the zipper of Princess Kate’s jacket is not aligned, ending abruptly and then resuming again a few centimeters over.

3. Princess Charlotte’s hair An analysis from The New York Times found an artificial pattern where Charlotte’s hair meets her shoulder.

4. Tiles reappear, That same New York Times analysis also found the edges of tiles oddly repeating on the floor near Prince Louis’s  feet—possibly an issue with Photoshop’s clone stamp tool, which copies part of an image and pastes it over another part.

5, Lines are misaligned Many viewers have noticed that behind Louis, the straight edges of the doorstep appear to have been disrupted or misaligned.