This Man Was Pregnant With His Twin | His Twin Grew Inside  For 36 Years!

In June 1999, severe symptoms forced Sanju into emergency surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, where doctors believed they were removing a giant tumor.

During the operation, doctors drained gallons of fluid before discovering the unimaginable—a malformed twin with limbs, hair, and nails!

Dr. Ajay Mehta recounted the pressure the mass caused on Sanju's diaphragm, leading to his severe breathlessness and complex surgery.

'Fetus in fetu' is a rare condition where one twin envelops and becomes parasitic to the other, surviving off its sibling's body.

With fewer than 90 documented cases worldwide, 'fetus in fetu' remains one of the most fascinating and rare medical phenomena.

Today, Sanju Bhagat leads a healthier, more comfortable life, with the past operation allowing him a fresh start.

Sanju's case continues to be a crucial study in twin pregnancies and fetal development, shedding light on the resilience and mysteries of human biology.