Top 7 Looker Studio Agencies

Top 7 Looker Studio Agencies

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where data reigns supreme, the ability to effectively harness and interpret this data is crucial for any business aiming to thrive. Looker Studio, formerly known as Google Data Studio, has emerged as a cornerstone tool in this regard. It empowers businesses with the capability to create interactive, insightful dashboards and reports, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. 

This article delves into the expertise of the top 7 Looker Studio agencies, each a beacon in the realm of digital marketing and analytics. These agencies not only excel in leveraging Looker Studio’s functionalities but also bring unique perspectives and specialized skills to elevate businesses in various sectors.

From digital marketing strategies, and SEO optimization, to sophisticated data analytics, these agencies have mastered the art of using Looker Studio to provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions. Their services span a wide range of industries, catering to the nuanced needs of each client with precision and creativity. 

By highlighting the distinctive capabilities and achievements of these top agencies, this article aims to guide businesses in selecting the ideal partner to navigate the complex landscape of data-driven marketing and analytics.

1. MRS Digital

Founded in 1999, MRS Digital is a well-established agency in the digital marketing field, offering services that range from PPC to social media management. Their team, comprising over 35 experts, excels in areas such as marketing analytics, website design, and development. They prioritize a collaborative approach to their work, which they believe leads to more effective results.

The agency’s standout feature is its adept use of Looker Studio for creating data-driven PPC strategies and visualizing complex data sets. By effectively blending various data sources in Looker Studio, MRS Digital provides clients with clear, comprehensive dashboards. This approach helps clients quickly understand and make decisions based on their marketing data. MRS Digital’s focus on utilizing Looker Studio for both its analytical and visualization capabilities makes it a go-to choice for businesses seeking data-centric marketing solutions.

2. MADNODE Analytics

MADNODE Analytics excels in developing advanced Looker Studio Dashboards, integrating key data sources such as GA4, Google Ads, and Google Search Console. This integration creates user-friendly dashboards that enhance businesses’ ability to interpret data, leading to more informed decision-making. 

Their expertise in SEO data analytics and conversion funnel analysis, particularly using Google Tag Manager, further assists businesses in optimizing their online presence and understanding customer interactions on their websites. MADNODE Analytics’ proficiency in Looker Studio positions them as a crucial agency for companies looking to extract strategic insights from their digital marketing data.

For more information, visit MADNODE Analytics’s official website by clicking here.


STRAMASA is a full-service marketing and design firm that combines industry knowledge with digital marketing and data science expertise. They specialize in website design and development, contributing significantly to their clients’ revenue growth, lead generation, and increased web traffic. Their use of Looker Studio for creating live metric dashboards is a standout feature, enabling real-time monitoring of site and campaign statistics. 

This capability provides businesses with a clear view of their digital marketing performance, essential for making informed strategic decisions. STRAMASA’s comprehensive approach, leveraging Looker Studio, empowers businesses to fully utilize their data for enhanced digital marketing success.

4. Northstar Analytics

Northstar Analytics specializes in investment research and analytical support, catering specifically to asset managers and corporates. Their unique selling point lies in their tailored, high-quality dashboard creation using Looker Studio and Google Data Studio. This focused expertise in these platforms enables Northstar Analytics to proactively address potential issues and provide rapid, effective solutions. 

Their ability to customize dashboards according to specific client needs makes them a top choice for organizations seeking precise, data-driven insights to guide their investment strategies. Northstar Analytics’ approach is particularly beneficial for clients needing detailed, real-time data analysis to make informed investment decisions, setting them apart as leaders in the field of financial data analytics.


OWOX BI presents itself as a comprehensive data analytics solution, integrating data collection, transformation, and preparation for Looker Studio dashboards. Their proficiency in real-time data analysis, performance tracking, and trend identification is exceptional. OWOX BI’s utilization of Looker Studio’s data visualization tools, which range from simple pie charts to intricate heat maps, provides businesses with a broad spectrum of options to understand and leverage their data effectively. 

This versatility in data presentation, combined with their analytical prowess, positions OWOX BI as a formidable ally for businesses aiming to increase their return on investment through informed, data-driven strategies.

6. DEPT Agency

DEPT Agency operates as a full-service digital agency with a knack for creating integrated digital experiences across the entire customer journey. They excel in digitizing various aspects of business, from processes to transactions, and are adept at designing customer experiences that propel digital business growth. 

DEPT’s use of Looker Studio is a standout feature, as it harnesses its capabilities for advanced data modeling, integrated workflows, easy sharing, and customizable data visualization. This extensive use of Looker Studio enables DEPT to offer robust, data-centric solutions to businesses, facilitating efficient data utilization for strategic decision-making and business advancement.

7. Newage Digital Advertising

As the first Google Marketing Platform-certified company in Ukraine, Newage Digital Advertising adopts an innovative approach to data analysis. They focus on post-view and cross-device data, providing real-time reporting on ad campaigns and automating ad operations. Newage Digital Advertising’s expertise in crafting professional dashboards using Looker Studio is particularly noteworthy. 

Their dashboards are instrumental in evaluating the effectiveness of brand awareness campaigns from a performance-based viewpoint. This unique focus on combining brand impact with measurable results, along with their sophisticated use of Looker Studio, makes Newage Digital Advertising a trailblazer in the realm of digital advertising analytics.

Summing Up

The accelerating pace of digital transformation underscores the critical role of advanced tools like Looker Studio in navigating the data-rich terrain of digital marketing. The top 7 agencies highlighted in this article exemplify a collective commitment to harnessing Looker Studio’s capabilities, offering unique insights, and tailoring solutions that transcend industry boundaries.

From collaborative strategies to sophisticated data analytics and real-time monitoring, these agencies showcase the breadth and depth of Looker Studio applications. The diversity of expertise, ranging from financial data analytics to integrated digital experiences, underscores the tool’s adaptability in facilitating strategic decision-making for businesses.

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