The Latest News For The NJ Online Gambling Revenue

It is safe to say that online casinos and online gambling are some of the most important aspects when it comes to revenue in many US cities. This has been the case ever since the online gambling became legal in the United States of America. If you love to gamble online and you live in New Jersey, then you definitely know how successful online casinos are in this beautiful part of America. Today, we are going to discuss the financial aspect of those casinos. But, before we do that, we are going to show you some of the numbers regarding the revenue New Jersey generated in the online casino industry. Here are the things you need to know.

The Latest Revenue News From The New Jersey Online Casino Scene

As you know, New Jersey has some of the best land-based casinos in the country. Those casinos are pretty successful, but today we are not going to discuss them. We are going to discuss a different, but also rather successful market, the online gambling market. There are many wonderful games people from New Jersey can play at online casinos and, when we consider the latest revenue figures, it is safe to say that they are playing them passionately. Back in September, online casinos generated $135.2m, a growth of 10% compared to the September last year. You need to admit, this is pretty impressive. But, online casinos are not the only sites that can say they are earning big bucks. One of the most important things you need to know is that revenue from sports wagering rose 19% in September 2022 to $98m. This number was $82m last year.

The Most Successful Online Casinos In New Jersey

If you are an online casino lover, then you definitely want to know how well some of the most successful online casinos in New Jersey earned their money in the recent period. The newest data is from the month of October this year. Here are the most interesting data.


It is safe to say that Borgata is one of the most successful online casinos in the world. In the month of October, this casino earned $40,990,847 in total revenue. When it comes to the casino games, they earned $40,303,763. One of the most popular games was, of course, poker. According to this Borgata online casino review, this gambling operator in NJ earned $687,084 from this game.

Resorts Atlantic City

On the second place when it comes to the revenue is the Resorts Atlantic City online casino. Their total revenue for the month of October was $39,334,186. They earned $38,797,429 from casino games. From poker, this online casino earned $536,757.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City

As you know, the Golden Nugget Atlantic City casino is mostly known as a land-based casino. But, the online establishment is also pretty successful. When it comes to their revenue, they earned $38,383,650. From casino games, they earned $38,383,650.

Caesars Atlantic City

This is one of the most beloved online casinos among the New Jersey crowd. They were also pretty successful in the month of October. They earned $9,169,686. When it comes to the casino games, they earned $8,159,835. Poker was one of their most successful games and it gave them a revenue of $1,009,851. This casino is one of the best when it comes to poker in New Jersey.

How To Find An Online Casino That Suits You

If you are interested in online casino games, this is one of the most important questions for you. As you saw, there are many options in New Jersey. Sure, most of those casinos are good enough for you, but how do you know which one of them suits you? The best thing you can do is simply try a few games at every casino and see how you feel. Consider the design of the site, the bonuses, and the game selection.

The online casinos in New Jersey are pretty safe, but you need to do your best to secure your personal and financial data. That is the only way for you to play the games with peace of mind.

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