What happened to Sven Smith in BGT 2024?

Best known for Terrorize the audience with an air guitar and he reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

Age (at audition)27 Years
Home TownLondon
ActAir Guitar
Position ReachedEliminated in the semi-finals

Sven Smith is an air guitarist who appeared on Britain Got Talent season 17. He is 27 years old and he is from London. Sven moved on to the next round of the audition with three yeses. But unfortunately, he was eliminated in the semi-finals. 


Sven smith is a famous air guitarist all over England while he appeared for the audition. He is the UK air guitar champion. Sven is from London. Before he joined the BGT stage he performed as an air guitarist and a rock artist in the UK. He completed his Academy of Contemporary Music 1st class degree at Music Industry Practice, Guildford.

Sven Smith Biography 

Sven Smith is a 27 year old air guitarist and rock artist from London. 

Real Name Sven Smith
Age27 year old
Height 188cm
ProfessionAir guitarist & singer

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Sven Smith entered the stage and opened a guitar case. Everyone quietly silenced and looked at him. Then he got nothing from it and it’s an air guitar act. Contestant began his act as an air guitarist and it was a cool performance. 

Then he hit the ground with his guitar and there was a new beginning. However it wasn’t a cool act anymore. Sven removed his top and trouser. There was another trouser inside it and two sides of that trouser were transparent. 

Straightly Alesha gave the red buzzer. But he enjoyed it also. Bruno said “oh my god, that was divine madness” while Amanda was laughing. Simon added “it was so stupid, it was brilliant”. 

However Alesha hasn’t changed her mind and she gave a ‘No’ for Sven. This air guitar artist advanced to the next round with 3 yeses. 


Sven Smith, the air guitarist, rocked the stage in a vibrant yellow and black cheetah-like costume, bursting with energy. His performance was amusing while he was performing. Alesha Dixon pressed the red buzzer, and then Amanda pressed the red buzzer. 

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a guitar and a microphone

Alesha Dixon

Amanda commented, “I’m with Alesha; I kind of get the whole air guitar thing,” but Simon Cowell commented, “I thought it was hilarious.” Sven Smith, with two red buzzers, was eliminated from the semi-finals. 

BGT Semi-finals 2024

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Air guitarist and rock star Sven Smith appeared on Britain Got Talent season 17. This 27 year old rock star performed an air guitar act in the audition and terrorized the judges and the audience. Sven moved on to the next round of the audition with three yeses. But unfortunately, he was eliminated in the semi-finals. 

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