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Start A Candle Business With Easy Drop-Shipped Private Label Candles

Start A Candle Business With Easy Drop-Shipped Private Label Candles

Candles have become a very trending product and it is helping people make a lot of money. It’s a well-used product in restaurants, homes, hotels, cafes, etc, thus, it is a flourishing business idea. If you are curious about how to start a candle business with just drop shipped private label candles, this piece can be really useful for you.

Do market research

The first step for a beginner is to complete the market research. The research will help you find an answer to that question of who is the target audience you want to reach. Research well to understand which people will be most likely to be converted into customers. The target markets are broken down into 3 main categories:

Mid market

Mid market candles are the ones that you are likely to find in retail outlets. Mid tier candles usually have a broad appeal. Also, the cost is around $10 per piece.

Mass market

Then comes  the mass-produced candles that are the most affordable variety in the market. Each candle will cost you like $5 to $7 dollars each.

Luxe: Luxe is the quickly growly segment of the market. Thus, the pricing may vary as the luxe candle can cost between $30 to $70. Also, it involves premium packaging, and fragrances.

Find your source

Now that you have done your research and decided what segment you want to target, now you need to find your source. There are two ways, either you can choose handmade variety, or source an easy dropped shipped private label candles. If you are going for a handmade on, get trusted sources to buy raw materials. For dropped shipped candles, get in touch with a manufacturer to discuss your logo requirements.

Build your brand

The next step to build a successful business story is to build your brand. The brand will help you to build your clientage, enhance your market efforts, and hence it gets easier for you to create a better product for your customers. Good branding is important for any business. The candle making industry has grown so significantly over the past years that you might feel impossible to break in it. There are a few steps that helps in building your brand – create a story that involves question like why are you starting a candle business, what impact do you want to from your candles, who are you making candles for, etc. then focus on the visual identity by creating a unique logo, brand name, website, packaging.

Take amazing pictures

Excellent product. The importance of photographs in persuading people to buy your candles cannot be overstated. Make sure the form and label of your candles are visible. Are you up for a test? Set up a photo of the candle in use in your home so that customers may imagine it in their own. You can either hire a professional photographer or use your smartphone to create high-quality images.

Follow these tips to start a candle business idea with private label candles.