Ship to Poland Quickly and Cheaply with the Meest Portal

Meest America has everything you need in one place to ensure hassle-free package delivery overseas. The company offers a responsive customer service team, mandatory package insurance, convenient delivery options, and one of the cheapest rates for shipping to Poland. In addition, the company’s knowledge gained from over 30 years of work worldwide can help you ship to Poland in a minimum amount of time. How can you do that?

What Is a Meest Portal, and How Much Does this Service Cost?

Meest Parcel Portal is your guide to fast and profitable delivery. The service was specially designed for Meest clients so that they can manage their shipments. The best part is that all processes are fully automated; you can do them online without wasting time calling an agent or getting to the Meest branch in your city. Registration is entirely free. You only pay for the delivery according to the tariffs.

Advantages of Sending Parcels to the Meest Portal

Look at some benefits that registered Meest users receive when they send packages to Poland:

  • Change the shipping data to estimate the shipping cost and choose the best option quickly.
  • Quickly fill out CN23 customs forms; in the USA, even pay the applicable customs duties, which is very convenient.
  • If the Meest agent is unavailable, take the box to the closest FedEx or UPS drop-off location.
  • If you prefer to shop at American stores, you can order door-to-door delivery to Europe.
  • Examine and manage your past payments.
  • Make a database for the shipments you make to your regular recipients.

How to Send a Package on the Meest Portal

As we have already said, the Meest Portal is a service that will save you time as much as possible. Therefore, it will take you up to 15 minutes to create and make your package ready for delivery. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the Meest Portal.
  2. Create a parcel and enter its details.
  3. Try changing the delivery options or package size to see how the tariff changes. Reduce shipping costs to Poland by choosing the most advantageous option.
  4. Complete the customs declaration following the instructions.
  5. Pay for the postage and print the sticker.
  6. Wait for the courier or independently take the parcel to the nearest partner companies, FedEx, and UPS drop-off point. There is no need to pay extra for these services — the parcel will be accepted free of charge.

Meest America provides reliable, high-quality air and sea transportation services for parcels and cargo with transparent tariffs. The company guarantees safe and timely delivery of packages, regardless of their size or complexity. Register on the Meest Portal to organize your parcel’s delivery with your own hands and evaluate the company’s advantages.

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