Selling Your Motorcycle: Reasons to Do So

Are you thinking of selling your bike? While the idea of saying goodbye to an old friend may not be a popular one, riders decide to sell for a variety of reasons. Before putting your bike up for sale, be sure that you’re doing it at the right time and for the right purpose. Here, we’ll list the most common motives for motorcycle sales.

Riders are Ready for Upgrades

Every biker has been there. While you may love your bike, you likely see some areas in which it could be improved. If you like the bike you’re riding—but want all the modern bells and whistles—it may be one of the best reasons to sell your motorcycle. Thankfully, motorcycle manufacturers come out with new models every year, so you can maintain brand loyalty even if you do sell.

Changing Riding Styles

It’s surprisingly common for bikers to change their riding habits and styles. For instance, many start off riding standard bikes, which are great for first timers. As a rider’s abilities grow and their habits change, however, they may want to take longer trips on a touring bike. Motorcyclists change bike types for several reasons: evolving riding styles, changing terrain, and a desire for the latest amenities, to name a few. Before selling your bike, look at your current ride to see if it’s meeting your needs.

Advanced Age and Expensive Repairs

You and your bike are a team—you’ve seen some great sights, been on memorable trips, and have traveled thousands of miles together. Although not every rider is the sentimental type, it can be hard for many to let go. If your bike has outdated features, broken parts, or is in the shop a little too often, however, it may be time to think about selling.

High Mileage

While mileage is not a primary consideration for many sellers, it’s something to think about, especially if you’re planning a sale to finance an upgrade. High-mileage bikes are not worth as much as similar rides with fewer miles. If your odometer has kept on rolling, consider selling before the bike needs expensive repairs or its value declines.

It Just Doesn’t Get Used

Motorcycles are at their best when they are ridden regularly, and if yours has become a dust collector, it might be the right time to say farewell. You could be leaving money on the table, and another biker could end up with a fantastic ride. When you sell a motorcycle, you’ll also save on maintenance and insurance. We all hope you will get back in the saddle soon, but if it’s not achievable right now, it’s best to make some money while it is possible.

Motorcycles are in Demand

The used motorcycle market is hotter than ever, which means reluctant riders can sell their bikes for top dollar. Before putting your bike on the market, monitor buying trends and choose the right time to sell.

For many motorcyclists, spring and summer are peak times, so consider selling your bike at the start of the season. Selling through the American Motorcycle Trading Co. makes it fast and easy to reach millions of motorcycle buyers across the country.

Let Us Help

While the decision to sell your motorcycle may not come lightly, it’s for the best in some cases. Let the team at the American Motorcycle Trading Co. help you make the sale as fast and hassle-free as possible. Call for more information or click to get started.

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