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Pucker Up!: 8 Expert Beauty Tips on How to Take Care of Your Lips

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Lips are the most outwardly facing erogenous zones on the human body. Caring for them, consequently, should be among your top priorities when practicing good hygiene.

The problem with lip care is that few people know what it takes to actually make their lips look and feel as healthy as possible. Therein lies the reason why our team has chosen to tackle this topic head-on.

In this post, we go through a handful of how to take care of your lips tidbits that’ll help you get more out of your pucker. Curious to learn how you can take your lips to the next level? If so, keep reading to get answers!

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is key when it comes to maintaining lip health. That’s because, like the rest of your skin, lips are prone to drying. The difference is that while many people use body creams and other moisturizers to keep their skin supple, few people relegate the same level of care to their lips.

Fortunately, one of the most foundational anti-drying hacks you can implement when it comes to lip care is drinking water.

How much water you should be drinking varies and is something you can discuss with a physician. If you’re looking for general guidance, the boilerplate “8 glasses a day” should be a good place to start.

2. Use SPF-Laden Lip Balm

Seeing as how, under normal circumstances, your lips are exposed to the elements, your lips constantly run the risk of getting burned. Burned lips mean weeks of discomfort coupled with cracking and sometimes bleeding.

Avoiding sunburned lips can be accomplished, in part, by investing in SPF-laden lip balm. Several of today’s most popular lip balms will advertise their SPF protection on their box/tub. If possible, pick up a balm that advertises SPF-15 or better.

3. Avoid Cheap Lipstick

Make-up is expensive. To counterbalance that cost, several people opt to pick up cheap tubes of lipstick as opposed to investing in name-brand products.

While it’s true that several name-brand products are overpriced solely because of their awareness and not because of product quality, a higher price can mean a better product.

Keep that in mind as you shop and look up reviews online when investing in off-brand lipstick to see if what you’re buying has a habit of irritating skin. When in doubt, organic lipsticks, given their ingredients, are a safe bet for low-irritation application.

4. Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers can bring several health benefits to those that use them. It can aid in reducing congestion, throat dryness, sinus issues, and yes, bettering lips!

By adding more moisture to the air, particularly as you sleep, you’ll find that you won’t wake up to dry, cracked lip surfaces anywhere near as much as you may have in the past. Humidifiers are generally cheap and just require electricity and water to run!

5. Get Treatment for Cold Sores

Most people reading this post may not know what a cold sore is, exactly, let alone have to deal with them. For the uninitiated, a cold sore is a form of oral herpes that can spread through physical contact. These sores form on the periphery of lips, can be painful, unsightly, and are contagious.

Left untreated, you have a higher risk of cold sore transmission and of developing other lip problems. To solve those problems, pick-up over-the-counter medication for your sores so you can clear up their appearance. Your doctor may be able to prescribe prescription-grade medication for larger-scale issues.

6. Understand Your Skin Sensitivities

Are you allergic to fish? Do you get puffy when you drink alcohol or eat gluten? These sorts of physical reactions can wreak havoc on lips.

Some people that have had food-related allergic reactions frequently have been left with misshapen lips due to swelling that may never fully subside.

By knowing your body and being disciplined in staying away from things that you think could cause a reaction, you can side-step several of the most severe lip care faux pas.

7. Gently Exfoliate Twice a Week

Exfoliated lips are healthy lips! They harbor less dead skin, appear fresher, and even boast additional plumpness for a period post exfoliation.

To exfoliate your lips, consider buying a chemical or physical lip exfoliator from your local beauty or health store. You can also keep things simple by using a clean toothbrush to gently exfoliate.

Post exfoliation, if your lips feel raw, you can moisten them by picking up any one of the best CBD lip balm products on the market or another natural moisturizer.

8. Avoid Biting Your Lips

Here’s an obvious how to care for your lips tip – Don’t bite your lip! Among the many nervous ticks people adopt and perform on auto-pilot, lip-biting tends to be among the most popular.

When you bite or chew on your lip, you create micro-abrasions in your skin which can lead to an excess of dead skin or permanent damage

You Now Know How to Take Care of Your Lips

Knowing how to take care of your lips comes down to adopting a simple, repeatable lip care routine. If you can include even a fraction of the tips we’ve shared in the routine you build, we guarantee you that you’re going to be happy with your outcome.

For any serious lip conditions you may be experiencing, don’t leave your success to an over-the-counter lip care product. Talk to your doctor to get expert advice on how best to proceed.

Hungry for more health and beauty secrets? If you are, we invite you to explore more helpful content in our blog!

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