Mr. Blobby Age, Net Worth & Latest Update After BGT

Mr. Blobby (Paul Denson) is a comedian from the United Kingdom in the hit reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023. He auditioned on Season 16 Episode 01, showcasing his remarkable talent on the BGT stage. Unfortunately, he could not secure enough “yes” votes from the judges to advance to the next round. His net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to him after BGT.

What is Mr. Blobby Doing Now?

Mr. Blobby is a fictional character, Paul Denson is the second character appearance as Mr. Blobby. His current residence is not publicly available. He continues his career as a comedian and magician. Blobby appears in the Peter Pan pantomime at the Chrysalis Theatre in Milton Keynes.

Mr. Blobby net worth

Mr. Blobby’s (Paul Denson) net worth is not revealed as of 2023. However, He earns his income from television shows.

Mr. Blobby Biography

Mr. Blobby is a fictional character featured in television programs, debuted on the 24th of October in 1992. There were several people behind this character until now. Barry Killerby is the first appearance in this character as Mr. Blobby (1992–2015), and then Paul Denson is the second character appearance as Mr. Blobby (2015–present). So, Paul Denson was acting as Mr. Blobby in the AGT. His date of birth is not published, and his age is unknown. His height is seven-foot tall. He is British, and his religion is Christianity.

Fast Facts

Known asMr. Blobby
Real namePaul Denson
HeightSeven-foot tall
ProfessionComedian, Television personality 

BGT Update

What happened to Mr. Blobby in Britain’s Got Talent Auditions?

Paul Denson (Otherwise known as Mr. Blobby) is a TV personality who auditioned for Series 16 of Britain’s Got Talent. He performed a comedy and magic act to entertain his audience and judges. Blobby failed magic acts, including mispredicting Amanda’s card and failing to conjure an object from a magic hat. He selected Simon for his show, and Simon was disappointed after the act because Simon had to bathe in some paint. After the performance, all judges pressed their red buzzers. The judges’ judgment eliminated him from the auditions

Facts we admire

  • Mr. Blobby is very funny 

He is a hilarious character and always tries to make people happy. He speaks only one word, that is “BLOBBY.”

  • Mr. Bobby is kind

He is a fictional character for child entertainment. Therefore he loves children and is a very sarcastic character. 

Mr. Blobby Social Media

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