This Man Takes A Cross 6,000 Miles Across The World!

This Man Takes A Cross 6,000 Miles Across The World!

Imagine walking thousands of miles, across the world bearing a hefty 55-pound wooden cross. This is the real-life mission of 74-year-old Lindsay Hamon from Britain. For the past 36 years, Hamon has traveled over 6,000 miles through more than 20 countries, with his wooden cross on his shoulder. His journey is a profound commitment to his faith, aiming to spread a simple yet impactful message: “Jesus is the Savior of the world.”

Hamon’s travels have taken him through various landscapes and cultures, from the bustling streets of Moscow to the remote pathways of Nepal. His pilgrimage began from personal inspiration and turned into a global mission. One night in Bangladesh, he almost broke his ankle after stepping into a pothole in the dark. Despite all the challenges, he has not stopped his journey. Let’s have a closer look.

A Commitment to Faith and Message

The spark for Hamon’s extraordinary journey started when a close friend lost his faith. Hamon decided to walk to his friend’s city, praying for his return to faith. Although it’s unclear if his friend ever returned to God, Hamon’s decision to carry the cross became a form of witness. His journey has profoundly impacted those he encountered along the way.

Carrying his cross, Hamon wants to remind people of the need to get their lives right with Jesus and allow Him into their hearts. He likens his task to “a red carpet being rolled out.” It is as if God prepares encounters along his path. Despite facing misunderstandings and even theft of his cross, his resolve remains unshaken. He is driven by the belief that “God so loved the world.”

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This Man Takes A Cross 6,000 Miles Across The World
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Encounters Along the Way

The reactions to Hamon and his cross are as various as the countries and cultures he crosses. In some places, people welcome him with open arms, intrigued by his mission. In others, he senses tension and quickly moves on. Hamon’s journey sparks deep discussions, sometimes in local pubs, as people are drawn by the unusual sight and are confused by his purpose.

Hamon says that the cross serves as an “icebreaker,” helping to break the walls of loneliness and isolation in society. He speaks so fondly about jovial interactions with taxi drivers and more profound conversations that he becomes, in effect, a street minister.

Challenges of the Pilgrimage

Hamon also faced some serious physical challenges on his journey. Besides the weight of the cross, the logistics of travel—navigating airports and customs, and even managing supplies without a backpack. He can’t take a backpack with a cross on his shoulder, so, he ties what he needs on his belt. The journey has left him with blisters and even with intense thirst. However, his spiritual commitment remained unchanged.

Hamon has also faced emotional trials. The loneliness of long stretches on foreign roads tests his resolve. But the mission’s fulfillment and the positive reactions of those he meets outweigh the hardships.

This Man Takes A Cross 6,000 Miles Across The World
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Deepening Faith and Broader Perspectives

Decades on the road with a cross have not only shaped Hamon’s faith but also given him a unique perspective on life. He marvels at feeling stronger at 74 than in his youth. Hamon cherishes the powerful, direct encounters with people, far from the conventional confines of a church. These experiences have deepened his understanding of faith, humanity, and the power of vulnerability.


Looking ahead, Hamon dreams of carrying his cross to new frontiers, including China, Africa, and South America. His journey is far from over, and he hopes to inspire others to consider their own “crosses”—the challenges they might take on for their beliefs and values.

Lindsay Hamon’s story isn’t just about a man walking with a cross; it’s a testament to the power of faith and the profound impact of taking an extraordinary path through life. As we reflect on his journey, it invites us to consider what we, too, are willing to bear in pursuit of our deepest convictions.

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