Kid the Wiz

Where Is Kid the Wiz Now? Here is his Net Worth & Latest Update After AGT.

Kid the Wiz is a dancer featured on America’s Got Talent in 2013. He got eliminated from the quarter finals. Now he lives in New York in the USA. Currently, Kid the Wiz has a whopping 100K to 1 Million USD net worth as of 2023. Here are some updated facts about him.

Known asKid the Wiz
Real nameN/A
Age17 (When appearing AGT)
Age27 (as of 2023)
Birthday September 28, 1995
Height N/A
Where is Kid the Wiz from?Bronx, New York, USA
Current net worth100K to 1 Million USD (as of 2023) 

What is Kid the Wiz Doing Now?

Kid the Wiz is a dancer. He has 687K followers on Instagram. Currently, Kid the Wiz continues his career as a dancer and producer in the USA.

Performances America’s Got Talent

Quarter Finals

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