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Han (Han Ji-sung) of Stray Kids | Let’s Look At His Net worth, Age, Nationality & More.

Han (Han Ji-sung) of Stray Kids | Let’s Look At His Net worth, Age, Nationality & More.

Han is a Korean Rapper, singer, producer and songwriter who made his debut with the boy group Stray Kids under JYP Entertainment company. He is 22 years old and is the fourth youngest of the eight members of the group. Han has passionately made his debut in the Kpop industry, hoping to progress successfully as an artist. 

“The members’ capabilities are getting better and better day by day. I believe that is why our fans, as well as viewers, will continue to like us. I want to persuade them through my skills.” said Han in one of Stray Kids’ Interviews.

How much is Han’s Net worth?

Han has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023. This includes his net worth as an individual artist and his work with the group. 

Han Biography

Stage NameHan
Real NameHan Ji-sung
ProfessionRapper/ Singer/ Producer/ Songwriter
NationalitySouth Korean
EducationD.E.F Academy
Date of BirthSeptember 14, 2000
Birth PlaceIncheon, South Korea
Age (As of 2023)23 years
Height169 cm (5 ft 7in)
Weight62 kg
Marital StatusSingle

Family & relationships

SiblingsOlder brother

Career life & updates

Stray Kids  AlbumsYear of release
Hellevator Digital Single2017
Mixtape Mini Album2018
I Am NOT Mini Album2018
I Am WHO?Mini Album2018
I Am WHO? Mini Album2018
Clé 1: Miroh Mini Album2019
Clé 2: Yellow Wood Mini Album2019
Double Knot Single2019
Clé: Levanter Mini Album2019
Mixtape: Gone Days Single2019
Step Out of Cle English Single2020
SKZ2020 Japanese Repackage Album2020
Mixtape: On Track Single2020
TOP Single2020
TOP -English Ver-Single2020
TOP -Japanese Ver-Single2020
GO生 Full Album2020
In Life Full-Length Repackage2020
Mixtape: Oh Single2021
NO EASY Full Album2021
Christmas Eve L Single2021
SKZ2021 Compilation Album2021
ODDINARY Mini Album2022
CIRCUS Japanese Mini Album2022
Mixtape: Time Out Single2022
Maxident Mini Album2022
Case 143 Japanese Ver Japanese Digital Single2022
SKZ Replay Korean Best Album2022
The Sound Pre-release2023
There Japanese Full Album2023
Collaboration/SinglesYear of Release
“Close” 2020
“I Got It”2020
“Wish You Back” 2021

Social Media

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