Top Social Media Trends to Attract Gen-Z Audiences

Today, Gen-Z makes up 40% of the world’s consumer populace. Attracting this bunch can be a challenge as they are a diverse generation. They also possess good judgment which makes them smart consumers. Members of this generation are starting to join the workforce which means now they have money to spend. To catch the eye of these youth, you need to create specific content to adhere to their tastes. For example, this bunch is more prone to buying from brands that are inclusive or have a strong online base.

Thus, to help you attract Gen-Z audiences, we will share some of the top social media trends to follow. Read on and learn how to get the attention of the people of the new era.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile phones are the preferred device of Gen-Z. Apart from chatting with friends or playing games, they also use it for browsing the internet and shopping. To cater to this preference, your content needs to be mobile-friendly. E-commerce stores are another brilliant stratagem for mobile-friendly shopping. Make it easier to shop on your social media pages like Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Nike is a good example of a comprehensive, mobile-first strategy. The View Shop button on its Instagram page takes you directly to its product page. You can shop from there. 

Be Real and attractive

Sharing personal stories and anecdotes with them is an effective way to catch their attention. They gravitate towards the humanness of people. Your purpose and your story will appeal to them the most. Therefore, being real and vulnerable in front of audiences gives them a personal glimpse into your life which gains their trust.

Other than that, your social media content must be attractive if you want to stay relevant to Gen-Z. if your content seems boring, it wouldn’t be long before they follow your competitors. You can use social media templates from PosterMyWall to make attractive social media posts.

Partnerships with Influencers

Influencers have a huge following among Gen-Z. These pages are where they get to know about new products in the first place. They trust these influencers and their judgment. Often, their buying decisions are made through them. Researching these influencers and building purposeful partnerships with them is key to attracting a Gen-Z audience. Gen-Z is more likely than any other generation to buy products on an influencer’s advice.

Another detail to look into is that the influencers with fewer followers will probably have more everyday content. Their followers will relate to them more. They’ll also be more in touch with them. Interacting with them in the comment section, or replying to their DMs, might be a way in which they would be engaging their audience. This trust and personal relationship can work wonders in your favor. Another plus side to engaging the nano or micro-influencers will be that they’ll charge less than someone who has, for example, a million followers.

Harness the Power of Nostalgia

This generation tends to romanticize the pre-social media era. There is an entire aesthetic surrounding this love for nostalgia. For example, retro-style hairdos and makeovers go viral on TikTok every few days. Moreover, the trends going viral are not the same as before but are updated versions of the older ones. Gen-Z looks for old trends and bends them to suit their own liking.

Such as the French clothing brand Maison Kitsune. In the 90s and 2000s, there was this mall culture of taking awkward family pictures with cartoonish backgrounds in mall photo studios. They recreated that to fit this audience’s choice. As a result, the post got above 4000 likes.

This way Gen-Z uses a vast range of eras as their source of inspiration. To appeal to them, you need to use backdrops and textures that have a vintage feel to them. For instance, use torn paper, Windows 95 fonts, Polaroid style photography, etc., to garner their attention.

TikTok’s Dominance

There is no way you can miss TikTok for your social media strategies. TikTok will take over the world soon. Micro and macro influencers are rushing there as the app continues to grow. People have even started using it as a source of information. Consequently, it is replacing Google as a search engine as people use it for information searches.

It is a user-generated content platform. Which means that the content which comes up is ‘firsthand’. More and more brands are using TikTok now to make a presence there. Thus, incorporate TikTok as one of your main social media platforms to not miss on Gen-Z audiences.

Tap into FOMO

Exploit the FOMO of this generation, i.e. fear of missing out on marketing purposes. For example, regularly posting on Instagram stories keeps the audiences hooked with constant notifications. The stories disappear after 24 hours. So, they’ll miss out on any exclusive content or behind-the-scenes footage you might be sharing with them. This also keeps your followers engaged with your brand.

Attract the new generation with new styles

As frightening as social media might seem, Gen-Z holds a lot of power over it. Employing that power in the right way is the key to making advantageous relationships with your customers. Adapt the newest ideas from above and get Gen-Z’s attention in no time.

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