Free XML Beautifier Tools for Developers

Free XML Beautifier Tools for Developers

The term XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. It is a modern markup language that developers use to display interactive content on web applications. With the help of this language, the developers can improve the user activity on the applications by customizing all the elements present on the user interface. However, in the modern generation, the applications have become so complex that the developers have to create highly integrated code bases.

So, making critical errors in these complex code bases is a common phenomenon. Moreover, it is almost impossible for the developers to manually check the entire code base and find the errors. This is because it is not only a time-consuming process but will also result in many errors being overlooked. In such cases, the developers can use XML beautifier tools to solve these problems.

With the help of this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of XML beautification. We will discuss some of its major benefits and why it is important for the application development process. Lastly, we will discuss some of the best tools to help the developer to perform this process.

Reasons to Use XML Beautifier Tools

As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article, modern XML files become very complex due to the interactive nature of web applications. In the current generation, the end users want a one-stop solution for all their needs. The term stop solution means that one web application must be able to perform multiple functions at the same time. For performing such a complex process, web applications have to utilize multiple elements at the same time. So, the developers have to verify that all of these elements are working properly not only individually but also when combined. This process is easier said than done. XML beautifier tools help the developers to find out all the errors present in the XML file. This is a critical process for simplifying the debugging process.

The primary purpose of XML is to produce structured data. These structured data often appear to be complex to the human eye. With the help of XML beautifier tools, the developers can add various tags, commands, line breaks, and other elements to make it simple and easy to understand. In the early years of application development, the developers had to use various standalone softwares for performing these processes. However, using standalone software comes with the contemporary practice of downloading and installing third-party software on the main system. Third-party softwares often give rise to data risks.

On the other hand, web-based applications help developers to perform the same functions while eliminating the need to download and install any third-party software or plug-in on their system. So, this process is highly beneficial for developers who need constant access to all the resources. Moreover, web-based applications are devoid of any platform incompatibilities. This means that while using these tools, the developers can initiate and execute the test cases on all operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

Benefits of XML Beautifier Tools

Before we start discussing the best XML beautifier tools, the developers need to have a proper idea of all the benefits of these tools. These benefits will help the developers understand the scope of their implementation and how to utilize the full potential of these tools. So based on our understanding and research, the most efficient uses of XML beautifier tools are as follows:

  • The XML beautifier tools help the developers to improve the readability of the XML code. This, in turn, helps the developers to understand all the errors that might be present in the application. This process is highly crucial to improve the efficiency of the testing process and ensures the application moves to the production phase as quickly as possible.
  • The online XML beautifier tools use an artificial intelligence integrated technology. This technology properly analyzes the entire code base before outputting the result. So, the developers can blindly trust these data and start integrating the XML code into their test bench.
  • These tools are very versatile. This means that besides performing the HTML beautification process, the developers can also use these tools for other processes available in the application development lifecycle. For instance, while using these tools, the developers can check the application for various critical grammatical errors. While using these tools, the developers can also generate random sets of data to ensure the proper user interaction on the web applications.
  • Online tools use a real-time data analysis feature that helps to improve the psychological health of the developers. This is because, with the help of this feature, the developers can display the output in real time and set a specific goal. After this process, the developers can work hard towards achieving this goal when they’re working on long development projects.
  • As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article, all the functions conducted by this tool are performed online. So the developers do not have to go through a complex setup process. Moreover, these tools help the developers to work with more than one document at the same time. This is a very important feature for massively improving the accuracy and efficiency of the test cases. This also ensures that the developers can use these tools while they’re working on the development of complex web applications.

Best tools to Beautify XML

As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article, we will only focus on online tools to beautify XML. However, the developers need to remember that these tools can be further classified into two different categories. They can be either free to use or come with a paid licensing process. The paid licensing process often becomes unbearable for new developers and startup companies as they still do not have the resources to invest in these tools.

So, to improve our audience space, we will mainly focus on the free tools in this article. However, even in the free category, there are hundreds of tools that are easily available in the market. Most of these tools often fail to stand up to the expectations of the developers and testers. So, we have gone ahead and analyzed most of the popular names that are currently available. Based on our analysis, the most dependable names are as follows:

1. LambdaTest XML Prettify Online

LambdaTest is a popular name in the world of application testing and development. With the help of its interactive features, platforms, and tools, this brand has created a positive image in the world of automation testing. The LambdaTest XML Prettify online tool comes under the category of LambdaTest online tools. These tools mainly focus on providing various services that help the developers to simplify the application testing process. For instance, while using these tools, developers can not only check the application for grammatical and syntax errors but also generate random sets of data. These datasets help the developers to ensure the user interactivity and data handling capabilities of a modern web application. The LambdaTest XML prettify tool also helps developers accomplish some of the most critical application testing goals.

While using these tools, the developers can also ensure that their XML code is cross-browser compatible. Cross-browser compatibility is the process of ensuring the application retains its highest performance irrespective of changes in the OS edition or the device version. It has a very simple user interface to ensure that even the new developers can efficiently navigate through and complete the testing process. The user interface is devoid of advertisements and popups so that the developers do not get distracted during the application testing process. The LambdaTest XML beautifier online tool also has various features to ensure the developers can provide the highest level of data security. For instance, the servers of this tool do not store any data after the test completion process.

2. Codebeautify.Org

This is almost a one-stop solution for all testing and development needs. For instance, this web application helps developers to convert various codes in multiple programming languages into the desired language. While using this tool, the developer can also check the document for various grammatical errors. For instance, it helps the developers to ensure that the text document is readable. It achieves this goal by allocating a random readability score to the document based on how easy it is to interpret it. So, by maintaining a high readability score, the developers can ensure that their text document is accessible to readers from all knowledge groups. The simple user interface of this tool ensures that even new developers can easily navigate through the different menus to perform their desired operation.

However, the developers need to remember that the user interface of this web application has multiple advertisements and popups. In certain cases, these advertisements can irritate the developers as they come in the way. Although the owners of the website claim that with the help of these advertisements, they ensure that all the services of this web application remain free of cost. The homepage of this website also has a small blog explaining the process of HTML beautification. It also has various interactive illustrations to simplify the understanding process. This is a very good initiative to spread proper awareness regarding the use of all markup languages like XML and HTML.

The Final Verdict!

Considering all the points that we discussed in this article, we can easily say that XML beautifier tools are an important component of the application development and the testing process. As we are slowly moving towards an application development industry that will be completely dominated by automation test cases, practices like these are very critical for development companies.

So, app development companies have a critical role in spreading proper awareness of these practices. On the other hand, the developers must consider these skills as an integral part of their future portfolio. Lastly, it is very important to choose the correct tool according to the development requirements. This is because all the tools are unique and are meant to serve a specific purpose in the application development lifecycle.

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