First time in BGT history, fans stand up a second time to demand a Golden Buzzer for a contestant

Britain’s Got Talent fans stand up a second time to demand a Golden Buzzer for the first time in history for the contestant, Taryn Charles. On the fourth episode of Britain’s Got Talent, Taryn Charles, a 39-year-old autistic children’s teacher and singer, gave an unbelievably good performance.

Initially, Taryn seemed a bit nervous, but her performance made everyone speechless. She sang her own version of You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman in her mesmerizing voice.  Bruno Tonioli hit the golden buzzer for her performance. 

Taryn Charles BGT 2024

Simon Cowell  commented, “This is how people should sing. This is proper, proper singing.”  Amanda Holden got goosebumps during Taryn’s performance. and  Alesha Dixon stated, “I feel like you’ve got that classic voice, but above and beyond that, you, my darling, you are special.”

Bruno Tonioli

The color of your voice is unique and you’re a very very very special person

Fans are praising Taryn Charles’s incredible performance. In the YouTube comments section, fans commented, “I’m Canadian; this Taryn girl killed it; she was absolutely amazingly fabulous. Her voice, her gestures, her attitude … Nothing else is close to Aretha coming back to life in Taryn. It was magical,” and “I don’t know what to say. I think I’ve wet myself.” There will NEVER be a line said on this show to top that one. TARYN CHARLGES,” another fan described the goosebumps moments as “She. Killed. It. Even Aretha Franklin would get goosebumps.”

Fan’s Comment

Taryn brought me to tears, it was absolutely one of the best auditions I have seen on BGT!!

At the same time, some followers are criticizing the show since Taryn is a professional singer. Some fans commented on Twitter (X), “Yet again, another professional singer?? Taryn Charles. What has happened to #BGT?” and “Taryn Charles is already a professional singer, so you would expect her to have a good voice. Not fair on all the amateurs. #BGT”

Taryn Charles BGT 2024

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