Essay Evolution: Unveiling the Latest Trends in Writing

Essay Evolution: Unveiling the Latest Trends in Writing

Although composing an essay remains the same as we enter the world of remote learning and technology, things are changing constantly. The evolution of essay writing may not be seen on the surface, yet an average student these days tends to go against classic standards. It results in using smart presentations and essay sources that would have been frowned upon even two decades ago. At the same time, many essay writing trends like informal writing and team essay practices have become more common as they help students achieve academic success and confidence.

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  • Tendency to Use Informal Writing.

While we can blame the evolution of the English language, the use of informal writing in academic essays has become more common. Some college professors may deduct the final grade, yet it depends on the type of work, as one might not accept simple colloquial phrases in a complex Law assignment. Now, if you seek thesis help and need correct wording, it’s better to check things twice and approach an expert with a write my essay online message. Correcting your tone may be that essential bit that helps you earn better grades and recognition!

  • Challenges of Spell-checking and Auto-Corrections.

Without a doubt, we all have tried our hand at tools like Grammarly or a famous free app called Hemmingway that addresses readability issues. The problem is that most students tend to accept suggested corrections without thinking much about their reasons. It takes away an element of analysis and the necessity to read through one’s thoughts and ideas twice. As a result, it makes the written essay sound polished but takes away the uniqueness and character traits of the author.

  • Content Repetition and Lack of Proper Research.

Since most learners these days tend to use Google and smartphones more than visit libraries and take handwritten notes, essay repetition is inevitable. The reason for that is the constant copying of the same sources to shape an essay. It makes it easy to recognize the same set of facts and research work as students do not go past the first ten search results based on a given topic. It can be seen in most essays, which makes certain samples easily stand out if the author has taken a different research method and actually visited the libraries or checked the facts twice.

  • Use of Odd Essay Sources and Multimedia.

Another aspect of essay evolution is the use of citations from Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter to showcase relevant quotes or important ideas that must be captured. While these represent first-hand sources, they may not go along with research work that some college professors consider serious. If we take a look at APA and MLA guidelines, the use of new sources is constantly being added to the set of updated rules. Still, the use of multimedia and non-common type sources with AI-generated images is becoming more common, affecting the structure, style, and formatting aspects of modern essay writing practices.

  • Team Projects and Joint Essay Writing.

This became possible thanks to constant school debates and joint projects where the smart boards are being used. Since it’s very difficult to capture all the content that has been discussed and written down in handwriting, the practice of joint essay tasks becomes more common. This is where each student contributes and does some editing by using the same platform and shared access. Now, knowing some tips to improve writing skills will be of help as not everyone is born a skilled writer or knows how to do proper editing of all the ideas at play!

Changes in Perception of Information and AI-Based Assistance

Even when the talk is about argumentative writing essay tasks, technology has changed how students perceive things. It is constantly reflected in writing as the use of analysis decreases because of the word count and style concerns. The students seem to copy phrases discovered without a second thought, purely based on what they find, with little to no essay editing and paraphrasing. One of the main reasons for that is the use of AI-based tools like ChatGPT, which quickly became a replacement for analysis with its condensed style and bullet-like bits of information. While it does provide the answers and helps to stay inspired, it also makes the final essay sound and feel generic, as there is no place for analysis, data evaluation, and proper critical thinking.


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