D’Corey Johnson Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth, AGT Update 

D’Corey Johnson is a 11-year-old singer from Louisville, Kentucky in the hit reality show America’s Got Talent 2023. He Sung Journey-Open Arms by Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry with decent on stage acts.  D’Corey Johnson auditioned on Season 18 Episode 01 and received 4 yeses from the judges and advanced to the next round. His net worth is still not revealed. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to D’Corey Johnson in AGT 2023. 

D’Corey Johnson Age

D’Corey Johnson was born in Kentucky, and now is 11 years old as of 2023.

D’Corey Johnson Biography

11 years old enthusiastic, talented kid from Kentucky. He attends to James H elementary school. D’Corey face a life changing event as a 3rd grader as the national anthom he sung went viral in social media

D’Corey Johnson currently resides in (Kentucky, USA). He is an American and his religion not published yet. 

D’Corey Johnson Height

His height not recorded yet.

D’Corey Johnson net worth

D’Corey Johnson ’s net worth is not available as of June 2023 

Fast Facts

Known asD’Corey Johnson 
Real nameD’Corey Johnson 
ProfessionElementry School Student

AGT Update

What happened D’Corey Johnson in America’s Got Talent Auditions?

This small talented boy sang the song beautifully and entire audience including judges attracted to his voice and song.Simon asked him to sing the chorus again without music and he got 4  yesses from the judges.

Facts we admire

D’Corey Johnson a kid with focus

D’Corey Johnson’s face turned from enthusiastic to well focus in a blink of an eye as Simon ask him to sing the chorus part without background music. Now that’s a next level focus.

D’Corey Johnson is generous and emotional

D’Corey Johnson spread love and show his emotions openly to everyone.

Social Media


With an amazing performance in the auditions, D’Corey Johnson got 4 yeses and advanced to the next round. Stay with us and we will update this content on what happens to him in AGT with the latest news.

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