Canadian Student Gets To His Classes By Airplane (4)

A Canadian Student Gets To His Classes By Airplane & Avoids Rent | It’s Surprisingly Cheaper Than Renting An Apartment!

With the escalating cost of living, a Canadian student has crafted an ingenious strategy to get his education. Fighting with sky-rocketing rent prices in Vancouver, this student has decided to take the flight to attend classes from his hometown in Calgary. It might sound strange and even a bit stupid to some, but he is actually saving a whole lot! Commuting from Calgary to Vancouver is almost 50 percent cheaper than paying rent in Vancouver. The story of this smart student Tim Chen, has gained widespread attention across social media. Let’s unravel the full story of Tim Chen’s travel routine and the details of the costs. 

Student Flying Across The Country To Get To Classes!

As shown by Tim Chen, creativity knows no bounds. Tim is a Calgary resident and a student at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The expensive rent in Vancouver has made Tim take an unusual step to take his classes. He is taking flights twice a week to avoid Vancouver’s expensive rent. It takes between 1 to 2 hours for him to get to his classes and then he returns home on the same day. 

The breakdown of costs involved makes actual sense in his financial judgment. Tim spends approximately $150 for each round-trip flight, which adds up to around $1,200 monthly. It is an economic triumph compared to the staggering average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver, which is around $2,100 a month.

How are the expenses in Vancouver?

Vancouver demands an average of $2,627 per month for an unfurnished one-bedroom living space. On the other hand, Calgary’s cost of living is comparatively 9% lower. The monthly pay for necessities such as groceries, bills, entertainment, and transportation adds to the broader canvass of expenditure. All costs together are around CAD $2,350 and CAD $3,750. This affordability gap indicates a broader economic fissure that may confront students nationwide.

Image source: CTV news (Student in Vancouver, Tim Chen)


In sum, the financial prudence exhibited by this Canadian student underscores both the creativity and potential necessity for unorthodox solutions to the prevalent challenge of student living. It raises salient discussions on sustainability and fiscal responsibility, propelling a dialogue that urges educational institutions and cities alike to innovate in accommodating the housing needs of their student populations.

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