7 Unbelievable Features Of The Presidential Car “The Beast”!

7 Unbelievable Features Of The Presidential Car “The Beast”!

First introduced at Barack Obama‘s inauguration, the presidential state car, known as “The Beast,” is one of the safest vehicles ever built. This custom-made security transport weighs over 20,000 pounds and is designed to protect the president in various dangerous situations. The latest version of The Beast debuted in 2018, built by General Motors’ Cadillac brand, and costs a whopping $15.8 million. While many details about its features are classified, we can uncover some of the incredible aspects of this remarkable vehicle.

1. Smoke Screens & Rigged Door Handles

The Beast is equipped with gadgets that seem straight out of a James Bond movie. It can deploy smoke screens to obscure visibility and has door handles that can deliver a 120-volt electric shock to deter attackers. Additionally, it can lay down an oil slick to make enemy vehicles lose control. The car is also equipped with pump-action shotguns, rocket-powered grenades, night vision equipment, and tear gas grenades to handle various threats.

Image source: Economic Times

2. Protection From Bomb Blasts

To withstand bomb blasts, The Beast has an eight-inch-thick armor-plated body and armored floor plates. Its windows are five inches thick and can stop bullets from a .44 magnum, making it nearly impenetrable.

If someone fires a rocket at the car from a rocket launcher, the 8-inch thick bomb-proof cover will protect it from damage. Not only that, if a missile is launched at the car, SCS technology will quickly locate the missile and protect the car.

Image source: breakingnews.ie

3. The Beast Travels with a Fridge Full of Blood

The trunk of The Beast is packed with survival gear, including firefighting equipment, oxygen tanks, and even a mini-fridge stocked with blood matching the president’s type for medical emergencies. It also carries an onboard oxygen supply that can be piped directly into the sealed cabin in case of a chemical attack. The car can hold up to seven people, ensuring the president is always surrounded by essential staff, including a military doctor who follows in a separate SUV known as the ‘Control Car.’

4. No Sound Can Enter the Cabin

The Beast’s cabin is soundproof due to its armored plating. Microphones on the outside pick up external sounds and relay them inside through speakers. Advanced communication equipment ensures the president can stay in contact with the motorcade and even dispatch nuclear codes if necessary.

Image source: Spyscape (The basic formation of a Presidential motorcade and The Beast (aka Stagecoach or Cadillac One))

5. Protection Against Chemical Attacks

In the event of a chemical attack, The Beast’s interior can be hermetically sealed. The car’s tires are designed to continue functioning even when flat, allowing it to keep moving despite damage. However, it takes 15 seconds to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour, so it’s not the fastest escape vehicle.

Image source: 9News

6. No Regular Driver or Driving Can Handle It

Driving The Beast requires extensive training. The drivers are part of the Secret Service and are trained to perform J-turns and other advanced evasion maneuvers. These skills are necessary to handle a vehicle that drives more like a school bus than a sports car.

7. The Car Has Its Own Aircraft

The Beast is transported by a C-17 Globemaster aircraft whenever the president travels. Along with The Beast, the aircraft also carries another limousine and a heavily armored Chevrolet Suburban known as the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner houses a communications office linked to a military satellite. There are multiple identical vehicles to ensure attackers cannot easily identify which one carries the president.


The exact features of The Beast are top-secret, but we can speculate about some of its incredible security measures. With gadgets, armor, emergency supplies, and advanced communication systems, The Beast is a mobile fortress designed to protect the president at all costs. The measures taken to safeguard the president highlight the importance of this heavily fortified vehicle in ensuring the safety of the nation’s leader.

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