5 Reasons Why You Need A Good Lawyer If Arrested For DUI

You won’t always get a slap on the wrist if arrested for a DUI, especially if it’s not your first time committing the offense. Even if you don’t end up serving time, it could throw your life upside down.

Everyone should hire the best lawyer they can afford, even if they need to go into some debt. Losing the case isn’t an option for certain people. Let’s look at why a great lawyer is worth every single penny.


1. You’ll Be Offered Great Support

DUI lawyers in Toronto will stand by you during the entire process from start to finish. Many lawyers might try to defend you in court, but they don’t have good people skills. Support is vital when someone is in legal trouble.

If you don’t have anyone on your side, it will feel like your world is falling apart. That is something you don’t need if you must take the stand. If you have family supporting you at the same time, everything will be fine.

2. You Will Become An Expert On DUIs

Maybe you’ve read a comprehensive guide in case you got arrested for DUI in the past. Did it teach you everything you needed to know? If you have good lawyers, you won’t need to rely on random information.

Your legal team will teach you everything you need to know about DUIs, so you’ll eventually become an expert. If charged with a serious crime, it’s good to know as much as possible about what’s happening.

3. Good Lawyers Know Things Others Don’t

Good lawyers are rare because it takes a multitude of skills to make them stand out. For example, they’ll have lots of experience with certain judges, so during a trial, they’ll know how to work around their unique personalities.

They will know how to have the jury eating out of their hands, which lawyers with less experience won’t be able to do. If you were going in for brain surgery, would you put your life in the hands of a doctor with less skill?

4. Experts At Finding Certain Loopholes

DUI cases are unique because there is wiggle room compared to other crimes. Even if you’ve been drinking heavily before being stopped, lawyers can win your case by proving the breathalyzer wasn’t maintained properly.

If police and doctors don’t follow specific steps when drawing your blood, lawyers will get the results thrown out, so they can’t prove you were under the influence. Good lawyers can find loopholes others can’t.

5. Contacts In The Right Places For Deals

There are certain cases where you will go to prison no matter what happens. Maybe you’ve been caught multiple times in the past, plus they have witnesses willing to testify against you. It’s good to have contacts in the right places.

A great lawyer will usually be able to get you a better plea deal, so you could end up getting a suspended sentence, or less time in prison. If you need to plead out, you want lawyers with contacts to arrange the deal.

It’s Worth Spending Extra Money

There is a reason why rich people use the same lawyers all the time. If you want to escape with your life intact, it’s worth investing in the best lawyer you can afford.

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