Did superCar Blondie actually got in to playboy magazine?

Recently Supercar blondie’s facebook was being recognized as one of the most viewed facebook on facebook watch. It came to the top 3 in the charts through entire globe.

QuickFact : Whats the actual name of SuperCar Blondie? It is Alexandra Mary Darvall

Although SupercarBlondie has always been the most delighted car reviewing person,on 2019 she had her self featured on playboy magazine as well.

But it is not what you’d think, It is not your typical nude art gallery on playboy. SupercarBlondie has made a twist to this.

It is actually a two page supercar blondie feature article.This article is all about how she manage to climb up the ladder of becoming a most viral influencer in social media.The article also describes the process she follows when she makes her videos. Tht article has no nudity whatsoever.

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Below is her reveal of her news to her family.

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