Your Guide to Bathroom Styles and Decor

Is the bathroom the first place you use in the morning? If yes, then it should look clean, attractive, charming, and soothing as well. 

Whether your bathroom is big or small, the interior should always reflect your style and lift your mood. These days there are various bathroom styles like Scandinavian, modern, industrial, and more that you can choose for your space. 

Further, with trending decor pieces, you can take the look of the bathing area to the next level. Here are some of the bathroom styles to guide you for decor and design. 

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With time, interior design trends also change, and the same is true for bathrooms. Now, contemporary style is in trend, and everyone loves it. The best part is that this style of bathroom works in every home, be it old or new. 

This style embraces the latest technology, material, and look as well. Further, contemporary bathrooms look clean, trending, and attractive. To achieve this look, you will need to focus on the wall color, accessories, and the wall decor of the bathing area. For wall decor, you can check out the bathroom wall art ideas.

Add a contemporary style artwork above the vanity on any other wall of the bathroom to make it look impressive and beautiful space. 

Color pattern: the best colors of this interior style are black and white, but apart from this, you can choose any trending shade. The combination of bright and soft colors looks amazing in a contemporary bathroom.

Basic elements: Sleek vanity, minimalist faucets, slim mirror, beautiful wall art, potted plants, and more.

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The farmhouse-style bathroom is for those who love the rustic looks and want to connect with old times. It reflects the regional charm and old tradition in interiors. These days the farmhouse-style bathing areas incorporate modern elements like metallic frames, neutral shades, and rustic decor.

You can bring this look by adding metal faucets, cemented vanity, and marble floors in the bathroom. Also, do not forget to add a decor element in the bathroom, especially green prints and potted plants. 

Color pattern: The favorite color of this bathroom style is white, gray, cream, and neutral shades. Rich colors like orange and green are also part of this interior. 

Basic elements: Shaker-style vanity, barn lighting, trending wall paneling, claw-foot bathtub, and more.


Inspired by warehouses and factories, industrial-style bathrooms are also in trend these days as they are easy to install nowadays or u can also call Professional Qualified Plumber for installations. Materials like concrete, exposed bricks, stone look vanity, and roughly painted door all are part of this style. 

You can give your bathroom an industrial feel by adding pendant lights, metallic accents, and exposed material. Also, hand industrial-inspired wall arts to update the walls of your space in a unique way. Wall prints or any other decor element look great in the bathroom and make it look trending as well. 

Color pattern: Bright shades, raw materials, and metal accents can be used in the industrial-style bathroom interior.

Basic elements: Exposed pipes, glass or steel enclosures, white paint, raw materials. 



Traditional interiors are classic, timeless, comfortable, and beautiful. Unlike minimalist modern bathing areas, traditional bathrooms favor a healthy decoration and create a clean ambiance. 

When you use this design in your bathroom, you must be careful with every detail like vanity, color, and faucets. Also, the wall print looks amazing and can bring new life to your area.

Color pattern: The colors in the traditional interior are soft and relaxing. You can choose pale shades of blue, pink, and green. In addition to this, neutral colors also look amazing in traditional bathrooms.  

Basic elements: Furniture-style vanity, elegant stone counters, wall treatments, classic bathtub, etc.


Modern style is different for different people, and it simply reflects the interior of old age or the modern era. It is about creating a bathroom that resembles the bathing area of old times. It focuses more on a neutral touch of colors, wooden accents, and green plants. 

If you want a bathroom that looks clean, comfortable, and trending, then modern style is for you. 

Color pattern: Neutral shades are famous in modern interiors. You can choose white or beige for the walls of the bathing area. 

Basic elements: Wood, potted plants, wall art, wall decor, soft hues, etc.

Final words

Now you know the different ways to decorate the bathroom, so design it according to your desire. You can choose from the above styles to update the interior of your bathroom. 

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