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What’s a sign of extremely low intelligence?

The ability to learn from experience, understand, and adapt to new situations is simply defined as Intelligence. And also, there are four types of intelligence. Mental, emotional, Intuitive, and somatic are those intelligence types. But, what’s a sign of extremely low intelligence? Recently a Redditor asked this question in public.

Here is what the Reddit community thought about it.

The Problem

Here the Reddit user who asked the above question has upvoted 30.9k within 20 hours of asking the above question.

What’s a sign of extremely low intelligence?
What’s a sign of extremely low intelligence?

Here are the top most upvoted answers.

People who confuse their opinions with facts.

A Redditor thought that people who confuse their opinions with facts are a sign of law intelligence people. And also, this is the most upvoted reply for this problem.

Inability to take new information onboard and change your position on subjects.

If you cannot take new information on board and change the way you thought about subjects you won’t be an inelegant one. It seems most Redditors accept it. because it has more than 27.6k upvotes.

“If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know.”

A Redditor believes that people who tell themself as wise men are not so intelligent people.

Holding strong opinions, yet having no ability to explain, defend or justify them.

You have very strong opinions but you are unable to explain them clearly to your team. According to this Redditor, It is a sign of law intelligence one.

So, to sum it up

According to Reddit users, there are so many signs of extremely low-intelligence people. We believe that this problem was solved by Reddit. There are many replies to this post with thousands of upvotes. You can check the original Reddit post from the following link.

The Reddit Post

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