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What need do you recognize earlier than taking Brufen Tablets?

What need do you recognize earlier than taking Brufen Tablets?

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If the solution to any of the subsequent questions is ‘YES’ please inform your physician or pharmacist 

Before taking any Brufen Tablets: 

  • Are you pregnant or making plans to become pregnant, or are you breast‐feeding? Brufen capsules can also additionally make it extra tough to come to be pregnant. You need to tell your physician in case you are making plans to come to be pregnant or when you have issues turning into pregnant. 
  • Are you sensitive (allergic) to any of the substances withinside the capsules? These are indexed in Section 6.  
  • Do you’ve got, or have you ever formerly had, a belly ulcer or different gastric complaint?  
  • Do now no longer take Brufen Tablets in case you presently have a peptic ulcer (ulcer on your belly or duodenum) or bleeding on your belly, or have had or extra episodes of peptic ulcers, belly bleeding or perforation withinside the past. 
  • Do you have a circumstance which will increase your tendency to bleeding? 
  • Do you suffer from bronchial allergies or have you ever had an hypersensitive reaction or suffered from wheezing after taking ibuprofen, aspirin or different anti‐inflammatory ache killers? 
  • Do you suffer from swelling and infection in the nose? 
  • Do you suffer from liver or kidney ailments? 
  • Do you suffer from coronary heart ailments? 

Medicines which include Brufen Tablets can be related to a small extended threat of coronary heart attack (myocardial infarction) or stroke. Any threat is much more likely with excessive doses and extended remedy. 

Do now no longer exceed the encouraged dose or length of remedy. You need to talk your remedy together along with your physician or pharmacist earlier than taking Brufen Tablets in case you: 

  • have coronary heart issues which include coronary heart failure , angina (chest ache) or you’ve had a coronary heart attack, pass surgical treatment or peripheral artery ailment (bad circulation withinside the legs or feet due to slim or blocked arteries). 
  • have  any form of stroke or suppose which you is probably susceptible to those conditions (e.g. in case you have a own circle of relatives records of coronary heart ailment or stroke ,  excessive blood pressure, diabetes, excessive ldl cholesterol or are a smoker).  
  • Do you have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE, now and again called lupus) or a connective tissue ailment (autoimmune illnesses affecting connective tissue)? 
  • Do you have fowl pox or shingles? 
  • Have you been instructed with the aid of your physician that you have an intolerance to a few sugars?  
  • Are you or your toddler dehydrated? As there’s a threat of kidney harm in dehydrated children 
  • teens and the elderly.  

when you have an contamination – please see heading ‘Infections’ 

Skin reactions: 

Serious pores and skin reactions had been mentioned in affiliation with Brufen Tablets remedy. You need to prevent taking Brufen Tablets and searching for clinical interest immediately, in case you increase any pores and skin rash, lesions of the mucous membranes, blisters or different symptoms and symptoms of hypersensitivity considering that this could be the primary symptoms and symptoms of a completely extreme pores and skin reaction. 


Brufen capsules can also additionally cover symptoms and symptoms of infections which include fever and ache. It is consequently feasible that Brufen capsules can also additionally put off suitable remedy of contamination, which can also additionally result in an extended threat of 

complications. This has been discovered in pneumonia because of microorganism and bacterial pores and skin infections associated with chickenpox. If you’re taking this remedy even as you’ve got got an contamination and your signs and symptoms of 

the contamination persists or worsen, seek advice from a physician with output off. 

Can you take Brufen with different drugs? Some drugs which might be anti‐coagulants (i.e. thin blood/save you clotting e.g. aspirin/acetylsalicylic acid, warfarin, ticlopidine), a few drugs that lessen excessive blood pressure (ACE‐inhibitors which include captopril, beta‐blockers which include atenolol, or angiotensin‐II receptor antagonists which include losartan) and different drugs can also additionally have an effect on or be affected 

with the aid of using ibuprofen. You need to consequently constantly searching for the recommendation of your physician or 

pharmacist earlier than you operate ibuprofen with different drugs. In precise you need to inform your physician or pharmacist in case you are taking any of the subsequent drugs further to the ones referred to above:

  • diuretics (water capsules) 
  • cardiac glycosides, which include digoxin, used to deal with coronary heart conditions 
  • lithium 
  • zidovudine (an anti‐viral drug) 
  • steroids (used withinside the remedy of inflammatory conditions) 
  • methotrexate (used to deal with sure cancers and rheumatoid arthritis) 
  • drugs called immunosuppressants which include cyclosporine and tacrolimus (used to dampen 
  • down your immune response) 
  • drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), used for the remedy of 


  • antibiotics known as quinolones which include ciprofloxacin 
  • aminoglycosides (a sort of antibiotic) 
  • mifepristone 
  • another ibuprofen, which include the ones you could purchase without a prescription 
  • another anti‐inflammatory ache killer, which include aspirin 
  • cholestyramine (a drug used to decrease ldl cholesterol) 
  • drugs called sulphonylureas which include glibenclamide (used to deal with diabetes) 
  • voriconazole or fluconazole (sort of anti‐fungal drugs) 
  • gingko biloba natural remedy (there’s a danger you can bleed extra without difficulty in case you are taking this with ibuprofen). 


Brufen can also additionally motivate a few facet consequences which include dizziness, drowsiness and belly issues which include bleeding within the belly. Drinking immoderate alcohol with Brufen may make those facet consequences worse. 

Pregnancy and breast‐feeding: The use of Brufen at the same time as pregnant or breastfeeding need to be avoided. Brufen need to now no longer be utilized in late (the closing 3 months of) being pregnant and need to handiest be taken withinside the first six months of being pregnant on the recommendation of your physician. Driving and Using Machines: Brufen can also additionally make you feel dizzy or drowsy. If the capsules have an effect on you in 

this manner now no longer drives, functions equipment or does whatever that calls for you to be alert. 

Brufen consists of lactose monohydrate.If you’ve been instructed with the aid of your physician that you have an intolerance to a few sugars, touch your physician earlier than taking this medicinal product. This remedy consists of much less than 1 mmol sodium (23 mg) in step with tablets, this is to mention essentially sodium‐free.

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