white rum

What is white rum?

People seem to have various kinds of preferences when it comes to the consumption of liquor. Some go for clear spirits like vodka, tequila etc while others like to quaff something stronger like whiskey or scotch. The intention here is to suit one’s craving and explore the textures and smoked flavours.

One such categorisation can be seen in Rum. Rum has a global history of more than hundred years. The tales are as old as Pirates and as young as a spring school break. Rum is delicious distilled liquor made up of fermented sugarcane syrup or molasses. Some sip it neat while others like to blend it with fruity cocktails. In any way there are two kinds of Rum, white rum and dark rum.

The difference specifically lies in the taste and the colour of the respective Rum. White rum is also referred to as silver or light rum. It is basically un-aged or less aged. Here colour cannot be the only indicative of the flavour profile. There are so many other factors that play into the picture. There are  a number of countries that produces best White Rum like Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Columbia and Puerto Rico. White Rum takes shorter period time to age and are generally aged in stainless steels and not oak barrels. It is done so to avoid the contact with wood. The taste and texture of White Rum Is little and light. It carries a sweet flavour. The white tinge is obtained after filtering the rum as it matures. Many online rum shop offers verticals related to aged rums and un-aged rums.

Rum is versatile liquor and always adds up to the spice of the moment. It serves as an excellent base for different cocktails as it has a mild flavour. The resultant classic cocktails are Daiquiri, Mojito, and Mai Tai etc. Some of the commonly consumed White Rums are-

  1. Bacardi- World’s most awarded rum, Bacardi is a well-balanced light rum consumed throughout the length and breadth of the world. The favour profile of Bacardi comes with ageing it in white oak and filtering it through the charcoal. It is smooth, iconic and flawless.
  • Malibu- Malibu gives Hawaiian vibes and spells the sunny beach vacation. With that being said, can you guess the cocktail friendly rum? Yes, Malibu of course. It is known for its unique coconut flavour and compliments any continental beverage. It is made in Barbados and is 42 proof.
  • The Real McCoy_ Next extravagant rum from the caskets of Barbados is the Real McCoy. It is aged for three years and made in small batches. Small batches of spirits must be matured and stored in small barrels. The smaller the surface area the heavier the taste. You can smell the notes of citrus, wood and floral in every glass of Real McCoy. It is single distilled premium Rum and fetches a good start for any gathering.

Check Whiskey Prices in Delhi There are other rums like Captain Morgan, Kraken etc but they are the darker ones and are relatively and heavy. However any there are always tons of ways to enjoy good rum.

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