What is the worst big city in the USA, and why?

The United States of America is 4th biggest country in the world, and it takes 6.1% of the world’s mass. According to Wikipedia, there are 14 big cities in America where more than one million people live. But this article is not about USA’s Topography. This is about the most upward #answerfromReddit on Reddit for “What is the worst big city in the USA and why?”

This article has gathered information from authentic sources, including Reddit and Wikipedia.

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson City. Most of Reddit users thought that Jackson city is a worst big city in the USA.

The most-voted answer there is Jackson, Mississippi, and Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. It has 153,701 population when 2020. On the Reddit thread, people are complaining about the very high murder rate, low education, and failing infrastructure. However, Jackson holds the Mississippi Children’s Museum, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, and Museum of Mississippi History.

Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida. Most of Reddit users thought that Miami city is a worst big city in the USA.

Miami was another most-voted answer to that thread, and also Wikipedia says Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, arts, and international trade. However, in the thread of Reddit, people complain about crime-ridden, bug-infested, trash-strewn, and traffic-choked.

Gary, Indiana

Gary is a city in Indiana with a population of 70,093 population. Also, Gary is famous as the home of steel. Gary was named by a man who was a founding member of the United States Steel Corporation. In the comments on Reddit, they complained about it and said it is a ghost town.

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