What is Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair tattoos, or scalp micropigmentation, may conceal bald areas or hair thinning without surgeries. Specks of pigments are deposited on the scalp using fine needles by trained professionals. This method may conceal thinning hair or achieve a buzz-cut appearance.

So, what exactly is micropigmentation of the scalp?

Hair thinning and loss may be treated cosmetically using scalp micropigmentation. A hair tattoo is another name for it. Providers use fine needles to implant tiny amounts of pigments on the scalp. A thicker head of hair is the result of these spots. The pigments used in scalp micropigmentation are long-lasting inks of aesthetic quality.

Professional scalp micropigmentation can mask bald spots. Birthmarks and scars may also be concealed. Balding individuals may fake the appearance of hair by getting this therapy. Because it is not a surgical procedure, scalp micropigmentation does not need anesthesia.

When is it okay to micro pigment the scalp?

Micropigmentation may also be performed on the scalp. This therapy may provide the impression of fuller hair to those with:

  1. Hair loss due to alopecia areata, an immunity disorder.
  2. Inadequate hair growth because of chemotherapy.
  3. Female pattern baldness.
  4. Polycystic ovarian syndrome and other hormone-related hair-loss problems (PCOS).
  5. This refers to male pattern baldness, a receding hairline, or complete baldness on the top of the head.
  6. You are showing too much of the scalp or having very little hair.

Does micropigmentation of the scalp stimulate hair follicles?

It is important to note that scalp micropigmentation does not stimulate hair growth or alter the rate at which hair grows naturally. That is not a remedy for baldness. Further, it won’t harm your hair follicles or create any thinning, to begin with. If you want thicker, fuller hair, scalp micropigmentation might help.

Procedure Specifications

Preceding Micropigmentation of the Scalp: – 

  1. Prepare for your visit by giving your scalp and hair a good washing.
  2. Your doctor or other medical professionals will place a temporary marking on your scalp when you arrive for your appointment.
  3. If you are balding, you and your healthcare professional may customize a hairline to complement your unique features and age.
  4. Your hair color will be matched with pigments that you and your doctor choose.
  5. To alleviate discomfort, your doctor may provide a local anesthetic to the scalp. Scalp micropigmentation often causes less discomfort than getting a tattoo since the needles are smaller and thinner.

How does scalp micropigmentation work?

As the name implies, your practitioner will use a syringe to inject medical-grade pigment into certain parts of your scalp. The dots’ size, orientation, and depth are all different, so the hair looks natural.

Depending on the extent of the region to be treated, your procedure might take as long as five hours. At least a few weeks apart, a minimum of three treatments is often required. For the appearance of fuller hair, additional pigment is added with each treatment.

How does the healing process work after getting micropigmentation done on your scalp?

Since there is no need for in-depth medical attention or numbing drugs, you may return to your routine soon. Scalp micropigmentation seldom causes any unwanted consequences. The redness on your scalp might continue for a few hours. If you want to cover your head, you may do so with a cap or scarf.


What are the benefits of getting micropigmentation done on your scalp?

Scalp micropigmentation has advantages over hair transplant surgery, including:

  1. No operation
  2. It hurts less.
  3. It’s more affordable.
  4. In other words, there can be no downtime.
  5. What potential side effects does this technique have?
  6. An unqualified or unskilled technician poses the greatest threat of infection during scalp micropigmentation.

Among the potential dangers are:

  1. The cosmetic pigments caused an allergic response.
  2. An infection spread by needles that have not been properly sterilized.
  3. Treatment-induced abnormal or unfavorable physical appearance.
  4. It is recommended that you do the following to mitigate these dangers:
  5. Find a qualified professional that is certified to do scalp micropigmentation.
  6. Inquire about before and after pictures of their previous scalp micropigmentation procedures.
  7. Tell the technician about any allergies you may have before the operation begins.
  8. Is scalp micropigmentation a good idea for everyone?
  9. Do not receive scalp micropigmentation if you have a history of keloid scarring. Some patients develop keloids as a result of the therapy.


How long does it take for the scalp to heal after getting micropigmentation?

For many days after treatment, you may be advised to refrain from the following:

  1. Applying water to your head. Use a shower cap to avoid getting water in your hair when you bathe or shower. Wait for your doctor’s okay before washing your hair or scalp.
  2. Exertion at a high level.
  3. To take a hot shower or relax in a steam room. When you take a steam shower, you may find that your hair becomes drenched.
  4. It causes sunburn on your scalp.
  5. As a result of heat or sweat.

How permanent is micropigmentation of the scalp?

The results of scalp micropigmentation often last for four years or more. Micropigmentation of the scalp employs cosmetic pigments designed to last. There is no comparison to tattoo ink. Therefore, the colors won’t fade or shift.

Should you have micropigmentation done on your scalp?

Many individuals are pleased with the outcomes of scalp micropigmentation when it is done by a trained professional. Scalp micropigmentation is permanent and low-maintenance since the pigments persist for many years.

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