What is okay to steal Bitcoin or Gold...

What is okay to steal? Bitcoin or Gold…?

You know stealing is the act of stealing another person’s personal property with the intent to use another person’s property. You may know thefts like “The Antwerp diamond heist, Dunbar: America’s biggest cash grab and Graff Jeweller Robbery” etc. They are the biggest robberies that the world never forgets. But What is okay to steal? Recently a Redditor asked this question in public. Here is what the Reddit community thought about it.

The problem?

Here the user who asked the above problem has upvoted than 14.5k within 7 hours of asking the above question

What is okay to steal?

Here are the top most upvoted answers.

Your own bike back

A Redditor talks about his first “big boy” bike he received as a gift which was stolen within 15 minutes. A few weeks later he recovered it from a kid who was riding it near an arcade. This is the most upvoted comment in this Reddit post.

WiFi from the Jack in the Box by my house

A Redditor thought it was ok to steal WiFi from the jack in the box near his house. What do you think is it okay to steal wifi?

Do you know what’s the most unattractive male name?

2nd, 3rd, or home in a baseball game.

A Redditor thought that it was ok to steal 2nd, 3rd, or home in a baseball game. And another Redditor commented that stealing 1st would look hilarious.

I attempted to steal fog once.

A Redditor once attempted to steal fog. Isn’t that funny

Academic papers and textbooks.

A Redditor thought that it is okay to steal academic papers and textbooks. Because the actual authors don’t see a cent of it, it all goes to the publisher who gets to charge like 40 bucks to read it once.

So, to sum it up

According to Reddit users, there are so many answers to the question of What is okay to steal. So, what do you think, is it okay to steal someone’s property?

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