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What is dental software?

What is dental software?

Why your practice needs it

We are sure you are a very busy person. You work all day from sunrise to nightfall. You see patients, schedule appointments, take inventories, update medical records, and the list goes on and on. The last thing you want to do is dedicate yourself to the administration of your dental office. That is why it is necessary to get help to perform all tasks accurately and efficiently. You can get many people to help you with your tasks or automate a large part of them.

Do you already know what dental software is?

In this post, you will understand what dental software is because you need one and because you are losing money every day that passes without having it.

What is dental software?

When we talk about Dental Software, we discuss programs that help you systematize your tasks to have all the information updated and in real-time.

If you continue reading, you will understand what dental software is in the cloud and why your office needs to install one. Today, we find several options to systematize our offices. Generally, the systems they offer us are divided into two: those installed on a computer or those accessed through the Internet.

Those installed on your computer are programs you usually have to buy for licenses. It’s the old, expensive way of running your practice. You have topurchasecostly licenses that expire every year or when a new version comes out. You must install heavy software on your servers. You have to maintain a server in your clinic or office. You have to hire engineers or a support team to keep the system running at its best. You are the one who is responsible for the security of your information. So you have to invest in security software.

As you can see, when you buy software for a license to install in your clinic, the cost increases because you have to buy the software, but much more you will also need to purchase equipment and hire a support representative. On the other hand, you can access software over the Internet. This type of software is known as cloud software, where the information is stored in computer centers that you can access from any device or place as long as you have Internet access.

Security of dental software

Most serious companies that provide software services have high-security standards and backups if there is an interruption in the central server. Apart from storing your information under encrypted codes, copies of the data are also constantly made. These copies can be used in the worst case when there are interruptions in the service or a severe problem, and you always have access to a recent copy of your information.

Remember when you wrote a paper and closed it years ago without saving it? You lost the information! That’s never going to happen with cloud dental office management software. To guarantee the security of the information, the data is distributed in several interconnected servers, which allows a quick reaction to any contingency. If the software is not installed on the office computer but is in the cloud, whose information is it?

Companies that provide software services normally charge a lease for the use of the practice’s platform. But the information belongs to the client, the office, the dentist! It is expected that you can ask the support department to export all your data so that the client has it, and always ask this before signing any contract. If you are looking to modernize your office in addition to complying with the norm and avoiding sanctions, we recommend that you look for software in the cloud. If you count the costs of having your software vs. software in the cloud, dental software is always better.

Among the basic features, you will find:

Availability of access to your office information 24/7 from anywhere you are and have an Internet connection. You can keep the information centralized even if you have several offices, and updates are free.

Why eDentra dental practice management software

eDentra is cloud-based dental practice management software for dentists in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. Dental offices use eDentra software to schedule appointments and create treatment plans, images, charts, billing, insurance claims, e-prescriptions, reminders, and more. eDentra incorporates a patient communication module that includes a patient portal, applications for iOS and Android, text reminders, and online forms.