What Happened to Isaac Waddington after BGT 2015? Here are some quick facts.

Isaac Waddington participated in Britain’s Got Talent in 2015. He got eliminated from the finals. Here are some facts about him.

Birthday9 August 1999
Height178 cm
Where is Isaac Waddington from?Portsmouth, London
Net worth now39 Million USD

Where is Isaac Waddington now? & what is he doing now? 

Isaac Waddington is a singer. He has 78k followers on Instagram. He is a singer and a songwriter. Isaac Waddington is a classically trained pianist and vocalist. After BGT, he became extremely well-known. Nothing’s Changed, Waddington’s debut single, was released in February 2018. He started 2019 by releasing one song a week for five weeks, starting with “Make It Better.” He released a new EP in September 2020 called “Dirty Mile,” which was named after the album’s lead single.

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