What does Joe Biden do for a living Daniel Mac Interview

What does Joe Biden do for a living? | Daniel Mac Interview

“What do you do for a living” this is what Daniel Mac asks supercar owners and celebrities he met. Most of his videos are viral on TikTok. In one of his videos, Daniel Mac asked the same question from President Joe Biden. Here is how Joe Biden reacted to Daniel Mac.

What is Joe Biden’s profession?

Joe Biden is the President of the United States. 

What is Joe Biden’s car in the video?

Joe Biden rides a Caddilac LYRIC in the video. Caddilac LYRIC is a new electric SUV car that will come to the market next year, 2023

How much is the Caddilac LYRIC worth?

Caddilac LYRIC will cost around $ 62,990. 

What happened in the video?

Daniel Met President Joe Biden in the 2022 Detroit Auto Show. Joe Biden has been driving a Cadillac LYRIC, a new Electric SUV to be released in 2023. 

Daniel asks his iconic question from the president. What do you do for a living? President Biden knows that the video maker knows who I am. So he replied to Daniel, “Well, I am married to Jil Biden. And make sure we are making a lot more electric vehicles in America.”

Then Daniel asks what kind of car this is. Joe Biden replies that the vehicle is a Caddilac LYRIC. Then President Biden invited Daniel to ride with him to Washington. The video ends with Daniel thanking the president and appreciating his invitation. 


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