What does Brooklyn Beckham do for a living Daniel Mac Interview

What does Brooklyn Beckham do for a living? | Daniel Mac Interview

“What do you do for a living” this is what Daniel Mac asks supercar owners and celebrities he met. Most of his videos are viral on TikTok. Daniel Mac asked the same question from Brooklyn Beckham in one of his videos. Here is how Brooklyn Beckham reacted to Daniel Mac.

What is Brooklyn Beckham’s profession? 

Brooklyn Beckham is a Chef and model, and actually, he is the eldest son of David Beckham.

What is Brooklyn Beckham’s car in the video?

Brooklyn Beckham rides a McLaren PI in the video. The McLaren P1 is a limited-production mid-engine plug-in hybrid sports car produced by British automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive. 

How much is the McLaren PI worth?

McLaren PI will cost around $ 1.2 Million. 

What happened in the video? 

Daniel Met Brooklyn Beckham at the hotel car park. Brooklyn Beckham has been driving a McLaren PI, Daniel asks his iconic question from Brooklyn Beckham. What do you do for a living? 

Then Brooklyn says he knows Danial and also says he is a chef. Then 

Danial asks for some advice for young people and Brooklyn says “Just follow your passion. Whatever makes you happy. Just keep doing it. 


Bruh What Even Is A “Chef Name 😅💀@brooklynbeckham #mclarenp1 #p1

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