What does Aloisa Ruf do for a living Daniel Mac Interview

 What does Aloisa Ruf do for a living? |Daniel Mac Interview

“What do you do for a living” this is what Daniel Mac asks supercar owners and celebrities he met. Most of his videos are viral on TikTok. Daniel Mac asked the same question from Aloisa Ruf in one of his videos. Here is how Aloisa Ruf reacted to Daniel Mac.

What is Aloisa Ruf’s profession? (how he makes money)

 Aloisa Ruf is CEO of the Ruf Automobile

What is Aloisa Ruf’s car in the video?

Aloisa Ruf rides a RUF Bergmeister in the video. RUF Bergmeister is customized car by herself and it is the only car that exists in that type.

How much is the RUF Bergmeister worth?

RUF Bergmeister’s cost is not estimated 

What happened in the video?

Daniel Met Aloisa Ruf at the Car exhibition. Aloisa Ruf has been driving a RUF Bergmeister, 

Daniel asks his iconic question from Aloisa Ruf. What do you do for a living? And Aloisa Ruf replies, she makes cars and photographs. And then she shows her car to daniel and it is the end of the video.

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