Car When It's Not Worth Fixing It

What Can You Do With A Car When It’s Not Worth Fixing It

Although most people won’t have old junkers sitting in their front yards, taking up space and making the neighborhood look messy, if you do find yourself in this situation, don’t fret. Although it can seem like an impossible challenge to clear it from view and regain a sense of harmony in your garden, you actually have more options than you think. This post will explore some of the most interesting, and the one you choose will depend on your level of artistic ability, desire to make some easy cash, or ability to think creatively.

Sell It To A Junk Dealer

The first option on this list is the most obvious and likely step most people will take. A junk dealer is a company who makes money from other people’s junk (although the word junk is impolite since one person’s junk is another’s treasure). Nonetheless, these companies offer a vital service and can be extremely useful if you want to shift your broken heap of a car fast and put some extra cheddar in your pocket! Moreover, they are typically active in almost all major cities, and you can get cash for junk cars in Detroit all the way to Denver and pretty much anywhere in between. Your best option is to search for the nearest one to your location so they are able to pick it up (which they should include as part of the service). However, you should select a professional outfit and be able to handle all kinds of vehicles, including those who can buy your old car with or without a title (which simplifies the process for you).

The next option is to donate it to a charitable organization. However, this step might not be as straightforward as you might like because most charities are remiss in accepting junk that they need to spend money to fix up and sell. Nevertheless, if you can find an organization willing got to take on your scrap for whatever reason, you will find this to be one of the most fruitful in terms of helping others and even being able to deduct some taxes (never a bad thing to do!) If you like the idea of getting a nice deduction while also helping others, your first port of call should be to visit local charities and see if they’ll accept your broken car. If they are unwilling or unable, ask if they can recommend another organization that can make use of it. In some cases, you might even find a local mechanic or welder who can use it for training purposes or simply use it for scrap themselves (although if the latter is the case, you may as well contact a junk dealer per the first point and get some cash).

Disassemble It For Spare Parts

If you are pretty handy with a wrench and know your way around a vehicle, you might discover that disassembling it yourself is an enjoyable side project and will make you more money by selling the parts on the open market. Put simply; many car parts are worth a lot of money, including the catalytic converter, fenders, and general engine parts. Moreover, if it is an old car that was popular once but has been discontinued, you can often find other owners needing specific components and will pay a pretty penny to source them from you. Understanding car scrapping prices will help you understand the value of your old car and what components are worth keeping in good condition ready for sale. Be sure to do good research before you start tearing it apart!

If you have an affinity for the arts and have been searching for a new project to get your teeth stuck into, your broken-down heap of a car might just be your salvation! Instead of selling it for parts or scrapping it, why not metamorphosis it into something pleasing to the eye? Obviously, this option is only open to those who can work with metal and have a creative mind, but if that sounds like you, you can dispose of something while gaining something new simultaneously.

Turn It Into A Planter And Allow Nature To Use Its Remains

What better send-off for an old friend can there be than to return it to nature and allow it to be the foundation for a new life? The best part is that you don’t really need any specific tools or knowledge…as long as you have a rudimentary understanding of metalworking, a reciprocating saw, and some safety gear, the sky’s the limit. You can hack it to bits or make it as neat as you like, but the idea is to create a haven for new plants to grow among the junk and turn what was once an ugly eyesore into a thing of beauty and eco-friendliness.

Gist It To Someone Else Who Can Make Use Of It

This tip is slightly similar to donating it to goodwill but differs because you will give it to someone you know. For example, if you have a friend who is a bit of a motorhead and loves to fettle, an old heap of junk might be the best gift you could ever give!

Turn It Into Garden Furniture!

With the summer just around the corner (although it might not feel like it in some corners of the country), transforming it into garden furniture could be a great idea. Not only will you remove it from sight, but it will become a functional item you can use to relax and enjoy the summer sun when it finally decides to roll around!

Wild Card: Turn It Into A Home Office Desk

The last suggestion in this article is a bit of a wildcard and kind of only applicable to those who really love automobiles and all things internal combustion. However, if you have the tools or know of someone you can hire, turning it into an office desk and other related furniture could be a great way to repurpose your old junker! You can make the entire front end of the vehicle into a desk replete with draws and everything requisite to a functioning office desk. Moreover, you could take out the engine and convert it into a coffee table by cleaning it up and placing a glass cover on it.

As you can see, numerous options exist for successfully ridding yourself of an unfixable car, taking up space, and making your home look like something straight out of a CNN special of America’s Worst Neighbourhoods! With the right attitude and a little creativity, anything is possible.

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