What is the Mysterious object that plummeted through a Florida home's roof  last month ?

On March 8, an unidentified object crashed through Alejandro Otero's home in Naples, Florida, tearing through the roof and narrowly missing his son. The metallic fragment, weighing 1.6 pounds and measuring 4 inches in height, prompted speculation and concern on internet

In April, NASA partnered with the homeowner to recover the object and began analyzing it at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. On Monday, NASA officially confirmed that the unidentified object which crashed through the roof of a Florida residence last month was indeed a fragment of space debris originating from equipment discarded at the International Space Station.

NASA identified it as a metal support previously used to mount old batteries on a cargo pallet for disposal. This pallet was released from the space station in 2021, with the expectation that its contents would fully disintegrate upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. However, one piece managed to survive.