USA is a " Filthy & Disgusting Country ", Jimmy Kimmel Said !

After Jimmy Kimmel's week-long family trip to Japan, He came back with some pretty fiery thoughts about USA, In the recent  "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show. He said observing hygiene standards in Japan drastically changed his perspective of cleanliness in the US.

Jimmy mentioned he  didn't come across  a single dirty bathroom in Japan. He even joked that their bathrooms are cleaner than operating rooms here!

Also, he mentioned how there aren't many public trash  cans in Japan because  they were removed after the  1995 sarin gas attacks. But he pointed out how impressive it is that Japanese people still don't litter despite that

As he moved forward talking about Japan's cleanliness, he made a comparison that really hit home. He said American citizens are like hogs compared to the Japanese people. It was quite an strong one from Kimmel

After concluding all of his expereinces in japan finally he said those expereinces made him realize that the US is a 'filthy and disgusting country'