Two Daredevil Women Playing Tennis Over 3000 Feet Above and On a Moving Plane | More Unbelievable Stunts On Airplane Wings!

Born in 1896, Gladys Roy's destiny was woven with the skies. From Minneapolis to the Hall of Fame, her journey was anything but ordinary.

Imagine playing tennis not on the ground, but 3200 feet up in the air, on the wing of a biplane. That's exactly what Gladys and Ivan Unger did over Los Angeles in 1925.

From the Charleston dance to the world's lowest parachute jump, Gladys Roy turned the sky into her stage, pushing the limits of possibility.

In pursuit of records, Roy once attempted to set the world mark for the highest parachute jump by a woman, leaping from 16,000 feet. Her spirit knew no bounds.

Performing stunts was a costly affair, both financially and physically. Yet, Gladys's resolve never wavered, driven by a passion for the skies.

As the era of stunts waned, Roy turned to movies, bringing her fearless spirit to the silver screen, despite the risks involved.

Gladys Roy's life ended tragically in 1927, but her daring deeds remain a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the boundless potential of human courage.