This Woman Survived 3 Sinking Ships Including The Titanic | The Story Of The 'Miss Unsinkable' Violet Jessop!

Born into illness and hardship, Violet Jessop's early life foretold a destiny filled with remarkable survival stories.

To support her family, Violet overcame prejudice and landed a job with the prestigious White Star Line.

Aboard the Olympic, Violet experienced her first maritime disaster. However, she emerged unharmed from the collision.

Violet boarded the Titanioc in 1912 and saved herself from a tragic disaster that took thousands of lilves.

Adhering to the "women and children first" rule, Violet got on a lifeboat with a stranger's baby in her arms.

Serving as a nurse on the Britannic, Violet survived the third shipsinking by making a daring leap into the sea.