This Man Was Lost At Sea For 438 Days | This Real Life Castaway Kept His Dead Friend's Body To Talk To It!

Alvarenga, an experienced fisherman, and his rookie companion, Córdoba, set off from Mexico on a two-day fishing trip that turned into a fight for survival.

A severe storm damaged their boat, leaving them adrift without an engine, radio, or fishing gear, surviving on rainwater and sheer will.

Facing extreme thirst and hunger, Alvarenga and Córdoba relied on rainwater, sea birds, and even their own urine to stay alive.

The ordeal took its toll, leading to Córdoba's death. Alvarenga kept his friend's body for company, a testament to their bond.

Alvarenga faced immense psychological challenges, talking to Córdoba's body to fend off loneliness and contemplating suicide.

After 438 days, Alvarenga spotted land. His joy upon reaching the shore of the Marshall Islands was overwhelming.

Alvarenga's return was a shock to all. Fulfilling a promise, he visited Córdoba's mother, sharing her son's last message.

Following his harrowing journey, Alvarenga faced a lawsuit from Córdoba's family

Alvarenga's story is a testament to the human capacity for survival, hope, and resilience in the face of nature's might.