This Lighthouse In France Pays A Million Dollars To Guard It

Discover the story of La Jument, the lighthouse perched on a lone rock off Brittany's coast, standing resilient among the Iroise Sea's violent waves.

Following the tragic sinking of the SS Drummond Castle in 1896, which claimed around 250 lives, La Jument's construction was initiated, completing in 1911 to guide sailors safely.

The courage of Theodore Malgorn and others who faced isolation and danger, ensuring the lighthouse's light never faded.

Rumors swirl around the keeper's salary, speculated at 1 million USD.

A severe storm breaches the lighthouse, flooding it and leaving its keeper, Théodore, awaiting rescue in the lantern room

In the midst of chaos, a photographer captures the iconic moment of Keeper Théodore braving the storm.

Though the lighthouse stands automated today, it remains closed to visitors, preserving its mystique and legacy.