This Job Pays You Nearly $100k To Climb Up Bridges & Clear Snow |Jaw-dropping Snow Safety Job While Reaching Scary Heights!

With nearly $100k on the line, their bravery safeguards thousands daily. Their winter task? Clearing snow and ice to prevent the peril of ice bombs.

A single misstep could spell disaster, yet they press on amidst snowstorms. Equipped with specialized gear, RATs embody efficiency and safety at every turn.

The 2012 ice bomb fiasco on the Port Mann bridge underscored the critical need for their work.

Two fixed cables, a makeshift harness, and a wooden triangle for braking. This ingenious setup carries villagers and their essentials across 800 meters in 30 seconds.

Next time you cross a snow-draped bridge, remember the guardians swinging above, keeping the world spinning safely.