Police Found An 11-Year-Old Kept In A Homemade  " Jail Cell "  For 6 years

On last Friday, around 10:15 in the morning, cops from the Henderson Police Department swung by the 2000 block of Silverton Drive, near Wigwam and North Green Valley parkways, for a welfare check.

The welfare check was requested due to a anonymous call from the area, when the cops showed up, they knocked on the door, no one answered, but they could hear a child screaming and a gate rattling inside

Police checked inside  the home, and found an  11-year-old boy in a huge metal setup, with bars and locked doors. The poor kid was only in a diaper, and the place was covered in feces. The kid's father Jeffery explained to the police, that the child had been diagnosed with "severe Autism spectrum disorder", so he had to do this to keep him in one place

Jeffery later confessed to the police that the kid had actually been there for six years on and off. The parents were nabbed by the police and locked up in the Henderson Detention Center on charges of child abuse. Meanwhile, the 11-year-old boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, and Child Protective Services stepped in to ensure his safety.