The Woman Was Lost In The Forests For 17 Days With No Food, Water Or Cellphone!

Amanda, a physical therapist and yoga instructor got lost without any survival gear.

The Makawao Forest Reserve is not just vast but filled with lava rocks, steep canyons, and without any trails for Amanda, to survive.

A momentary rest off the trail disoriented Amanda, leading her in the wrong direction, away from safety, and deeper into the wilderness.

Alone and injured, Amanda survived by drinking river water, eating fruits from the forest,

She enduring harsh elements, including a severe fall from a cliff and a flash flood.

Amanda’s survival was more than physical; it was a deep spiritual trial. "I had to choose life," she later recounted in a reflective video shared on social media.

Local volunteers and authorities tirelessly searched the skies and grounds. On the 17th day, hope soared high as a helicopter finally spotted Amanda near a stream.

Recovering at Maui Memorial Medical Center, Amanda's ordeal reshaped her views on hiking and life