The Simpsons Have Predicted The Future Again | More Shocking Predictions Await In 2024!

Flashback to 8 years ago: The Simpsons featured a gadget eerily similar to today's Vision Pro.

In 2015, The Simpsons flew past a 'Trump 2024' sign, foreshadowing Donald Trump's announcement to run in the 2024 elections.

Springfield's vision of Mars colonization mirrors today's space ambitions. The Simpsons predicted humanity's next giant leap, aligning with visionaries like Elon Musk.

A special 1987 episode joked about World War III, yet today's rising global tensions make this scenario unnervingly relevant.

Imagine Springfield overrun by zombies! Another apocalyptic prediction showcases The Simpsons' take on potential futures, blending horror with humor.

"The Simpsons indulged in VR culinary experiences long before it became a reality. In 2024, dining transcends the physical world, thanks to their foresight.

Before black holes captivated our collective curiosity, The Simpsons explored these cosmic mysteries

Homer losing his job to robots wasn't just a storyline; it was a prediction. As AI reshapes our workforce

The Simpsons envisioned a female president. Maybe a nod to the rise of influential figures like Kamala Harris."