The Man Who Spent Over 70 Years In An Iron Lung | This Texas Resident Became A Lawyer And Learned Painting Only With His Mouth!

At the tender age of 6, polio struck, paralyzing Paul from the neck down and changing his life forever.

Diagnosed during the 1952 polio outbreak, Paul found his new home within the confining metal cylinder of an iron lung.

Despite his paralysis, Paul mastered the art of 'gulp breathing' to spend a few hours outside his mechanical respirator.

Using a plastic stick and a pen, Paul defied his limitations, communicating and eventually painting with a brush held in his mouth.

Paul's journey led him to Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas Law School, where he excelled against all odds.

Beyond his personal achievements, Paul dedicated himself to advocating for polio research, leaving a legacy of hope.

On March 11, 2024, Paul Alexander, the longest-living iron lung patient, passed away, leaving behind a story of extraordinary resilience.