The Horrifying Story Of Plane Crash Survivors Trapped In A Glacier For Months | Survivors Were Forced to Resort to Cannibalism!

From Montevideo to Santiago: A rugby team's journey turns tragic as their flight crashes into a remote valley near the Chilean border due to a navigational error.

The crash claimed 12 lives instantly. Stranded at 11,500 feet, the survivors faced the brutal Andean environment with dwindling supplies.

Faced with sub-zero temperatures and no food, the survivors made a heart-wrenching decision to resort to cannibalism to stay alive.

Despite avalanches and despair, tales of courage emerged. The survivors banded together, determined to make it through.

In December, two men bravely crossed the mountains, finally making contact with locals. This was the turning point.

After more than two months of isolation, rescue came. In a daring mission, all remaining survivors were airlifted to safety.

The story of Flight 571 is a testament to human will and the lengths to which we go to preserve life. It's a profound reminder of our capacity for endurance.