Baltimore Key Bridge Collapses After Being Hit By A Huge Ship | Rescue Operations Ongoing For The Vehicles That Fell Into The Waters!

At 1:30 AM, a cargo ship, the Dali from Singapore, collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing a massive portion to collapse into the water below.

The crash was so severe that it plunged multiple vehicles into the water, creating a horrifying spectacle.

Emergency services launched a quick search operation. "A developing mass casualty event," said a spokesperson, underlining the urgency.

The Dali, bound for Colombo, collided with a bridge column at 1:00 AM, setting off a complex rescue mission.

Coastguard and fire department efforts are ongoing amidst unstable conditions.

As the city and nation rally around the victims and their families, we're reminded of the strength found in unity during times of adversity.